When most people think of workers compensation insurance services, they think of large businesses or jobs that are risky or potentially hazardous. The truth is that small businesses need to protect themselves from costly accidents even more than a big business. An injured employee can be costly, expenses that are hard for a small business to cover. Just like other precautions and safety measures necessary to do business, it is crucial to protect yourself, your business, and your employees by contacting an experienced workers compensation insurance company in College Station Texas.

Why Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?

Business owners who do not have not contacted a workers compensation insurance agency in College Station must understand that commercial general liability policies will not cover costs arising from an employee who is injured while working. This coverage is specifically excluded from the policy, meaning that a business can only be covered for a worker who is hurt while on the job with workers compensation insurance services in College Station TX. While this may seem obvious, many people assume that a commercial general liability policy is all-encompassing when it comes to protecting a business.

Contract Requirements

Another important reason a business should protect themselves with workers compensation insurance services in College Station Texas is to comply with contract requirement for certain jobs. The top workers compensation insurance agencies in College Station Texas know this insurance coverage is required not only on government jobs, but on most commercial jobs as well. If your business is planning to bid on government contracts, it is important to contact the best workers compensation insurance company in College Station TX to obtain the proper insurance coverage.

Injuries Must Be Reported

As the top workers compensation insurance agency in College Station TX knows, it is vital it to report any employee injury in a timely manner, even if a business does not plan on making a claim on their workers compensation insurance. At a recent workers compensation insurance conference, attendees were told about an employee who was hurt on the job with apparent minor injuries – a small cut and a few stitches – hardly enough to even make a workers compensation insurance claim. Yet, this seemingly insignificant injury turned into something much more serious, as the employee had health conditions that together with the infected cut, ended up with a toxic limb that had to be amputated. Unfortunately, the window of time to report the incident to their workers compensation insurance company in College Station had passed, making the injury and all associated costs not covered.

The lesson here is that a company should always report a work-related injury to their workers compensation insurance agency in College Station, even if they do not plan on making a claim. This allows the carrier to keep a record of the incident and report it to the appropriate sources, in compliance with OSHA and Medicare.

No one wants or expects an employee to be injured on the job; however, some jobs are more hazardous than others, and an employee can be injured even in the safest environment. No business or its employees should be left vulnerable to a costly work-related injury and inherent problems. Let the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance help you protect your business with workers compensation insurance services in College Station. With Jones & Associates Insurance, you will have an experienced insurance team ready to help your company with any workers compensation insurance questions or claims!

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