Workers Compensation Insurance Bryan TXEveryone’s heard about the Aflac duck that is ready to defend and cover an injured worker; however, who protects a business owner when an employee is injured on the job? Workers compensation insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas is a business owner’s Aflac duck, that first line of defense protecting a business from any liability issues as the result of injured workers. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, any business can have employees get injured on the job who qualify for workers compensation insurance payments in Bryan TX. Workers compensation provides wage replacement and medical bill payment benefits to employees injured on the job.

Workers Comp At The Office

It would not be uncommon to read this and think that in your line of business, it would be very unusual for an employee to get injured so severely as to require medical treatment or wage reimbursement from workers compensation insurance in College Station TX. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere. Just last year, I was in an office when a light fixture fell and nearly hit a co-worker who fortunately only suffered a small scratch from the light attack. It is scary to think what would have happened if that worker had been one foot to the left – it could have been stitches and a head injury. And don’t even get me started with the misuse of the paper cutter! Sadly, not enough attention is used when operating a paper cutter and I can count on both hands how many people I have known who were seriously cut while at work from a simple paper cutter.

Workers Comp Away From The Office

Do your employees ever travel for work or do not conduct all their work at the office? Case in point, your employees aren’t always in that office bubble where they are safe or at least where you think they are safe from serious injury (didn’t you read the light story?). Our family has done a lot of travel for work, both in and out of state and there have been a number of times where we happened to be in the part of the country that was attacked by a hurricane or a natural disaster that put us in harms way. Why were we there? Because of work. Had something happened to us while away on business, workers compensation insurance would have been turned to for payment of those medical bills and lost wages you can be sure!

Most states require businesses to carry a certain level of worker’s compensation insurance, which means that it is not only is it a good safety net – it very well may also be the law. Be sure you have Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Bryan and College Station ready to protect you, your business, and your workers!

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