Well, we have gotten past the holidays and it’s that time again, that moment you dread when it’s time to work on all those little things you were planning to do like diet, remodel, and spring house clean. Some of us will be crazy enough to tackle all three this New Year! An important item to keep in mind if hiring some additional help while working through a remodel or serious spring cleaning is whether there is a need for Workers Compensation Insurance in College Station TX.

Whether building a house, updating a kitchen, cutting down trees, or putting in new landscaping, any time that workers are hired to handle such jobs – there is the possibility that workers compensation insurance in Bryan TX might be needed.

Determining If Workers Compensation Is Needed

The easiest way to avoid any concerns about College Station workers compensation insurance is to always hire a contractor who carries such insurance for all employees who would be working on your property. Realizing that such is not always the case, then you need to know the specific circumstances that could qualify a person working on your property to be entitled to coverage under a workers comp policy.

  • Will you control and direct all work activity?
  • Will you supply all equipment and tools?
  • Does the person hired do this work only for you?
  • Can you fire this person without breaking a contract?

If the answers to all of these were affirmative, it is possible that workers compensation insurance in Bryan may be needed.

When Workers Compensation Insurance Is Not Required

OK, let’s muddy up the waters a bit. There are certain instances that can change the need for workers compensation insurance. What are those conditions?

  • Although most workers employed by a contractor would not be covered by homeowners’ Part C Personal Liability due to exclusions, a ‘residence employee’ may qualify for both Part C and Part D Medical Payments Coverage for injuries received while working on the insured’s property.
  • Employers can ‘opt out’ of carrying workers compensation insurance in the state of Texas.

What all of this means is that when a homeowner looks to hire someone to help with work around a residence, the safest course of action is to only hire a contractor who can provide evidence of carrying workers compensation insurance to covered employees injured while working.

The temptation to save money by hiring less expensive, unlicensed, and uninsured labor to help around the house could wind up being costly if Workers Compensation Insurance in Bryan isn’t carried, especially when faced with a costly lawsuit that could result if a worker is injured. Call the professionals at Jones & Associates before doing any hiring to be sure you are covered with the right policy and coverage to protect you from such possibilities!

Let Jones & Associates Write Workers Compensation Insurance in College Station For You!
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