Believe it or not, March is almost over and Easter is right around the corner; hopefully, you will get to spend some time with family and friends. Whether or not your group of loved ones has little kids or is mostly an older crowd, everyone loves that special event known as a good Easter Egg Hunt! Whether you have your great Egg Hunt at home, in a condo, or in your Aggie child’s rental apartment, here are a few tips for a safe and successful Easter Egg Hunt.

Avoid Small Children and Chocolate!

If you are hosting a traditional Easter Egg Hunt at your home that centers around small children searching for brightly covered plastic eggs filled with treats, our first tip for this special Easter event is to fill your Easter eggs with non-perishable items. No one wants to open a plastic egg to find melted chocolate that has been sitting in the Texas sun – and I am pretty sure most parents would agree that no one wants to clean that up either – and can you even picture it inside your home! This Easter, treat your egg hunters to small toys or hard candy that won’t melt. If you really want to be generous, you could fill your Easter eggs with loose change, which would make a nice rattle when the kids are trying to guess what’s inside.

Camouflaged Easter Eggs!

For your older Easter Egg hunters that are looking for more of a challenge, our second tip is to camouflage your Easter eggs. Yes, camouflage. This may seem extreme; however, it will definitely give your adult Easter egg hunters a challenge. We always had two hunts in my family, one for the kids and one for the adults. The adult egg hunt was always a thrill because the eggs were stuffed with cash and very difficult to find when they were hidden around the home because they were not only well hidden – they were also camouflaged.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts!

Our last tip for a successful Easter Egg Hunt is for those who are hunting Easter eggs in teams. This Easter, try a scavenger Easter Egg Hunt where each uncovered egg offers a clue to lead to the next in a line of clues that will direct the teams to an ultimate prize of your selection. This offers some friendly competition and a bit of a twist on the typical Easter Egg Hunt. This might be a good option if you have a group too large for most homes and condos with a wide range of ages that you could easily divide up into teams for the scavenger hunt. It would also give you some options for the prize to be given to the winners of the hunt.

Every Easter Egg Hunt will need a Plan B in case your yard is flooded with some of that wonderful rain we have been seeing. If you have the hunt at home, be prepared for whatever the weather and yard conditions may bring. Everyone at Jones & Associates Insurance hopes that all of our policyholders will enjoy the Easter weekend with family members – then come see us for any of your homeowners insurance needs!

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