As summer is approaching and the seasons are once again changing and bringing in warmer weather, salons all over are seeing an influx of clientele and fully booked appointments. Beautification is no longer limited to just hair and nails either, as you can go to a beauty salon for a number of different treatments. With increased available treatments and the daily “groupons” popping up for discounted spa visits, the demand for more salons and more estheticians has seen an enormous surge. As the number of beauticians and beauty salons continue to rise, it seems natural to wonder if these salons are properly covered by a good business owners insurance policy.

Salon Business Risks – General Liability

Unlike some other businesses, beauty salons have an increased responsibility to be appropriately insured. A salon business will need a commercial general liability policy for the premises and the normal risks that any business would face. Regardless of the risks a beauty parlor may face for beauty treatments gone awry, they face even more premises liability due to the pure number of people that visit their establishment. Their liability also increases because of the nature of the business and the fact that there are sharp tools, spilled water from a pedicure tub, hot wax, and a number of other potential hazards that could cause harm or injury if someone slipped in the wrong place or wasn’t paying attention. For this reason, a beauty salon would naturally see greater risk on their premises than perhaps a consulting firm.

Salon Business Risks – Professional Liability

For those salons that hire beauty contractors who rent a space at the salon, there is an added level of risk as those contracted beauticians may not be covered under the salon’s commercial general liability policy. For this reason, it is important that salons carry themselves and require beauty contractors to carry professional liability insurance. Unfortunately, something as simple as a bad haircut, a tool that hasn’t been sanitized, or even an allergic reaction can cause a customer to be unhappy with the beautician and the salon, which could result in a lawsuit. Should that happen, professional liability insurance offers a salon and its contracted beautician financial protection in case litigation should result from such an incident.

Salon Business Risks – Product Liability

Salons don’t just offer services; they also sell products that are recommended to their clientele. If your salon sells beauty products including shampoos, oils, nail polish, etc., you could be partially liable if there is a problem with the product such as a chemical imbalance or a manufacturing flaw that causes harm to a salon client. Product liability insurance is an important line of defense when it comes to a defective product suit, which can affect everyone from the manufacturer to the seller.

Give your customers the peace of mind that your salon is properly licensed and properly covered should a problem arise. No one anticipates such issues, yet they can happen to even the most prestigious beauty parlor. Don’t leave your salon business vulnerable to a lawsuit that could damage your reputation and destroy your small business. Protect your business by calling the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates today and let us write the best business owners insurance to protect your salon!

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