This time of year is full of Halloween hayrides, pumpkin patch parties, and fall festivals. Each of these special events is sure to be filled with children running about, and parents trying to rein them in. With all the excitement and chaos, the likelihood of an accident can be quite high. Before you put the finishing touches on your fall festival this year, make sure you have general liability coverage with a special events policy. Here are a few other tips to make sure your fall festival goes off without a hitch.

Make Sure Face Paint Is Safe

One of the most popular attractions at any fall festival is face painting. With all of the allergies today, it’s a good idea to take precautions with the supplies you use. To avoid a general liability claim on your special events policy, be sure to check the ingredients on the face paint you have purchased, and ensure the ingredients are FDA approved by checking their web site. In addition, use a small amount of the face paint on your arm prior to the event to ensure that it does not cause a reaction or irritation. Finally, be sure to send your face painting clients home with instructions as to how the face paint is best removed.

Avoid Accidents With “Light”

Depending on what time your Halloween party starts, daylight may be a commodity that you won’t have much of. Even though tripping or falling in the dark is a simple accident, if it happens during your special event, you could be liable if the injured party decides to take action. While this is just the type of accident that your general liability coverage is there for, you certainly do not want to face a claim if you can avoid it. Prevent an accident at your special event by providing your guests with glow in the dark sticks, necklaces, or even fun flashlights. These safety items could serve as a great giveaway, making your party not only safe, but the event of the year, with great giveaways! By spending a little extra on these fun, “light-up” giveaways, you could save yourself the hassle of a special event insurance claim.

Provide a Well Stocked First Aid Station

One final tip for your special event is to ensure your fall festival guests are protected not only with general liability coverage, but also a well stocked first aid station. By stocking your first aid station with a comprehensive list of precautionary items, you could avoid a medical claim on your event insurance policy. With bandages, ice, Benadryl, and other first aid items, you may turn a medical catastrophe, into a controlled incident that can be easily treated.

We know there is a lot going on in the fall, and topping your list is that big Halloween party or fall festival. Cross any worries off your list regarding that event by calling the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates, today. Let us provide you with a special event quote. Our family owned and operated agency wants to make sure you and your guests have a safe and happy Halloween, so let us protect you, and your event this fall!

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