Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the weddings, parties, and special events are ending as well. In fact, for many it may be only the beginning. This fall is jam-packed with weddings, birthdays, and special events that will keep our schedules quite busy. We may not be responsible for any of these events; however, I hope that each one will be adequately covered with Special Events Insurance whether in College Station or Bryan Texas.

In the midst of planning the fun, we often forget to plan for the unforeseen. That’s why the insurance experts at Jones & Associates can be sure that every aspect of your event is covered with Special Events Insurance.

What Type of Events Are Covered?

Many different types of events can be covered with special events insurance – consider the following:

  • Weddings – Weddings are probably the first special event that comes to mind when we think of special events insurance in College Station and are often the most costly event to leave unprotected. The church, wedding hall, or reception hall will often require insurance to protect that venue in the event of a loss or injury; however, did you know that you can also purchase insurance on the event itself? Sometimes weddings don’t happen for one reason or another – illness or hazardous weather such as hurricanes in the summer or blizzards/ice storms in the winter can prevent the blessed event from happening on that day. Unfortunately, just because the invitations were sent out doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding will happen. Protect your wedding day and your wallet with special events insurance in Bryan Texas.

  • Special Corporate Occasions – Corporate events are another event type that requires special events insurance in College Station. Since this event type has the sponsoring business liable for any property damage or personal injury, it is even more crucial that such an event be covered with special events insurance in Bryan. Corporate events are a time for company personnel to relax and bond, which doesn’t eliminate the chance that something unplanned might happen. Be sure to cover your company event with special events insurance in College Station. Whether it’s a company tailgate or the annual company Christmas party, the experts at Jones & Associates know how to protect your company, your employees, and your guests at your upcoming company event.

  • Fall Events – Perhaps you are looking to insure a Fall Festival, a Pumpkin Patch, a fun October Fest, or an upcoming family reunion. Whatever the event, the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates can be sure that you are properly protected against unforeseen events or accidents. Special events insurance is just what you need to welcome the Fall season. Even if you are not familiar with special events insurance, be assured that the insurance team at Jones & Associates will help you understand your coverage and make sure your event is protected.

Don’t let the concern for a potential risk prevent you from celebrating a special event. Call the friendly staff at the family owned and operated offices of Jones & Associates today to find out more about Special Events Insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas!

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