Spring is here and if you’re considering getting an RV or taking yours on the road this year, now is the time to start talking to an RV insurance agency about covering your motorhome for trouble-free travels.

RVs are different than the average car or truck, so you need specific RV insurance that will provide the right protection, both for you and your vehicle.

This quick reference should help you figure out what coverage your motorhome needs from an RV insurance service so you can get your policy and hit the roads.

Do You Actually Need RV Insurance?

Many people believe that you don’t actually need specific RV insurance for your motorhome, that it is covered under your auto policy.

While this may be true for travel trailers that you tow with a car or truck, it is not true for any recreational vehicles and motor homes that you drive.

If it has its own motor and steering wheel, it’s considered an RV and really needs coverage by a specialized policy from an RV insurance agency.

What Kind of Coverage Does Your RV Need?

To legally drive your motorhome or RV on the roads in Texas, you need to have the same minimum protection you need to drive an auto.

Liability insurance covers you for any damage or injuries caused to others while your motorhome is in use; uninsured/underinsured motorist liability would cover you or your RV when involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsure vehicle that is not your fault.

Additional coverage that your RV insurance service will likely recommend but is not required by law includes:

  • Collision and Comprehensive - Pays to repair your RV if it is damaged in a collision or non-collision accident.
  • Medical Payments - Pays for injuries to anyone inside your RV whether you are at fault or not to protect yourself and the friends and family traveling with you.
  • Extra Coverage - Add-on riders like personal effects coverage against theft or damage of your personal property, custom equipment coverage for upgrades or enhancements, vacation liability while your motorhome is parked and being used as short-term living accommodations, and/or travel expense coverage in case the RV breaks down and you need to pay for lodging, rental, and other needs.
  • Full-Timer or Part-Timer Coverage - Additional liability and/or campsite coverage depending on how often you use your RV or if it is your full-time home on the road.

Can You Get RV Insurance From Your Auto Insurance Provider?

Although it may seem like the same thing, RV insurance and auto insurance are very different.

A traditional car insurance policy treats your motorhome like any other car, only covering you in case you cause an accident or damage something while driving it.

It will not cover things like personal property that you own and carry in your RV, emergency RV expenses, and other losses associated with parking your motorhome and inviting friends aboard.

A specific RV policy purchased from an experienced RV insurance service can be written to give you the detailed protection you need to keep everyone in and around your motorhome safe as well as pay for costly expenses like repairs, towing, and more.

Buy Complete RV Coverage From An RV Insurance Agency

An RV is an expensive pleasure vehicle that requires more than just a typical auto policy from an auto insurance company and needs to be fully protected with an RV policy purchased from an informed RV insurance service.

An RV insurance agency can write an RV policy to cover any potential risks you may encounter as you can enjoy traveling in your RV with peace of mind!

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