Renters Insurance Bryan TXAs much as we always want and need rain in Texas, the unusually heavy rain we have recently gotten in much of the state is causing flooding all over and putting this major issue on everyone’s mind. Flooding can happen in the blink of an eye and cause major damage. Unfortunately, flood coverage is not a covered cause of loss on the Texas homeowners policy including renters insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas and is actually excluded under the policy language! So it is imperative that property owners – and renters – are prepared for the worst with Flood Insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas.

Why Do I Need Flood Insurance in Bryan TX?

You may think that your property will not be affected by flooding because it is in a low risk area that hasn’t seen flooding in years – so you might ask why should I spend extra money for flood insurance in College Station TX when I may never see water higher than my hub caps? Did you know that almost 20% of flood insurance claims come from areas that are considered moderate to low risk areas? Even if your area is suffering from drought, don’t be deceived – a torrential downpour can still cause major flooding if the ground doesn’t soak up the water fast enough – and drought-stricken areas are particularly prone to this.

With neither homeowners or renters insurance in Bryan TX covering flood damage, flood insurance in Bryan TX is the only way to cover losses that happen as the result of rising water – and be sure you understand the definition of that term very clearly. If water rises outside of your building and then enters the building as the result of a weather event – subsequent damage is not covered. Water damage is covered if a tree limb falls on your roof due to a storm and torrential rain enters your building in this way – but that is the only way water damage is covered as the result of a weather event.

When Should I Get Coverage?

Since flooding isn’t typically covered by a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance in College Station TX, it is important to make sure you are covered – and the sooner the better. There is usually a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase before flood insurance in Bryan Texas kicks in – so don’t delay! Don’t wait until 2 days before the landfall of a major hurricane to worry if you have flood insurance – that will be too late. Also be aware that flood insurance in College Station Texas covers most of your property and belongings; however, you should make sure your more valuable items such as antiques, jewelry, furs, etc. are scheduled in the coverage to avoid loss of expensive goods.

What If Flooding is Imminent?

You always want to try to evacuate to an area that isn’t under a flood warning and perhaps take along any valuable you wouldn’t want to lose whether covered by flood insurance or not. As always, never try to drive over a road that is covered by water. Remember, “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” to keep you and your family safe from rising water.

The question to ask is this: “Can I afford to lose everything that I own and have no homeowners or renters insurance to cover it?” Only you can answer that question – is it worth that risk to not carry flood insurance in Bryan or College Station? Hopefully, you will be able to agree that the cost is worth the peace of mind you can have should a flood disaster happen in your area!

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