For some, summer is simply a much warmer time of the year where traffic to and from work is lighter and easier. For those taking a summer break, it can be a relaxing time in the sun. Whether you are a college student leaving your apartment for a summer abroad or simply taking a family vacation for a few weeks, that home or apartment needs the proper protection with renters insurance in Bryan Texas.

Some Summer Risks

Following are some of the various scenarios that can take place during the summer months to a home or apartment:

  • Burglaries – Whether a person is traveling for a week or will be gone for the entire summer, their property is at risk. This is the time when most burglars are ready to strike, knowing that many people are vacationing elsewhere – leaving their home or apartment somewhat unprotected. This can be the most important time to have renters insurance in College Station Texas.

  • Flooding – Not only does summer mark the beginning of vacation season, it is also the beginning of hurricane season. Your home or apartment may not be in the direct line of fire; however, even if it is in an area that receives large amounts of rain, it can be damaged. Without renters insurance in Bryan TX, one could find themselves paying for costly repairs from flood damage along with the pain of replacing personal belongings.

Even insurance providers have their own personal experiences with property damage. An agent at Jones & Associates Insurance experienced a terrible summer flood in their basement. Unfortunately, everything in the basement suffered from water damage because the family was away on vacation and were not able to physically protect their property. Luckily, with excellent renters insurance in College Station TX, all of their belongings were covered and could be properly replaced.

Coverage While Vacationing

Something not everyone may know is that renters insurance in Bryan can even protect personal items that are taken along on vacation. For example, if you take that fancy new camera with you to the beach and it is stolen; renters insurance in College Station that camera is covered. Renters insurance is a security blanket both at home and on the road.

This time of year should be enjoyed whether vacationing far away or simply grilling out and relaxing at home; don’t let the fear of property damage or burglary dampen your summer plans. Rest assured that renters insurance in Bryan TX can protect your property Call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance today to find out how affordable renters insurance in College Station TX can be!

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