September is National Preparedness Month – it is a good reminder that disaster can strike when we least expect it and we need to be ready. So often we ignore these needs for an emergency plan, thinking it can wait. One of the most common disasters that can hit anytime of the year is fire, which can be particular devastating to tenants of apartment buildings who discover that they needed renters insurance to cover such a loss.

Don’t Delay Preparation

Don’t put off planning for your safety, make a plan with your household to ensure that you are prepared when disaster hits. To better prepare yourself for this disaster, make sure your residence is up to date with working smoke alarms, fire sprinklers, and a fire escape plan. Having these items in place may be easy if you are a homeowner; however, if you are in a rental situation, be sure to alert your landlord if these items are not in place. It is important that even though your roommates may not be family, that you work together as one to have an effective fire escape plan. While no one can predict when a fire will hit, you can try to be better prepared and protected with renters insurance in College Station Texas.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

Let’s look at a few other preventive measures that you can take as a renter and roommate that could prevent a fire. The most obvious measure that you can take is making sure you turn off all electronics before leaving the house. While this may seem obvious, it is all too common that we leave our place of residence with something running. While some electronics may not be as harmful as say a curling iron, they can all malfunction and start a fire. One of the best things you can do that won’t prevent a fire but will protect your property in the event of a fire is keeping excellent renters insurance in Bryan TX on your property.

A potential fire hazard that I have been guilty of is leaving my laptop on the bed. This may seem like an innocent oversight; however, if your laptop overheats and is left on a soft surface like a bed or a couch, it could start a fire. One measure you can take is purchasing a vent to place under your computer and the no-cost measure you can take is always leaving your computer on your desk or table. Protecting yourself and your property with these measures and College Station renters insurance will save you a lot of time and money.

Ensure Property Is Protected

It is important to know that as a renter, you have a right to have working smoke alarms as well as other protective measures around the property that can help prevent problems or allow for safe exit in the event of a fire. While renters insurance in Bryan Texas is very important and will be crucial in replacing your property after a fire, it certainly cannot prevent such a disaster. That is up to you.

Don’t wait until September to make a plan in the event of a disaster; meet with your landlord today and discuss the extra measures you can take to prevent or prepare for a fire disaster. Call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates today to find out how to better protect your College Station property with renters insurance!

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