Whether you raise cattle, chickens, or even alpacas in Texas, having adequate ranch insurance that covers your livestock as well as your buildings is critical to the survival of your ranching business.

Not too long ago, the number of livestock mortality policies being written were few and far between.

As more ranchers discover the important benefits this type of insurance provides, ranch insurance agencies are writing more of these policies than ever before.

What Is Cattle and Livestock Ranch Insurance?

Cattle and livestock insurance is a ranch insurance policy that ranchers can take out to protect their investment should they suffer a considerable loss of animals in a covered event.

It is essentially a life insurance policy taken on the livestock, although there are other types of coverage available as well.

While mortality coverage is the most popular policy sold by ranch insurance agencies, there are a few other types of livestock coverage available.

Some ranch insurance services offer livestock liability insurance as well as livestock risk protection, gross margin protection, and even forage insurance as all of these can affect a rancher’s bottom line.

What Livestock Will A Ranch Insurance Service Insure?

Today ranch insurance services can provide a livestock insurance policy that will cover just about any type of livestock you may raise in Texas that might include but not be limited to:

  • Cattle, Buffalo, and Bison
  • Chickens, Turkeys, Ostrich, and Emus
  • Swine
  • Sheep and Goats
  • Horses
  • Llamas and Alpacas
  • Deer and Elk.

Typically, you can choose blanket coverage for your whole herd or flock as part of your entire ranch property and inventory or elect to use scheduled coverage that allows you to assign specific values to different animals.

Check with your ranch insurance agency on policy specifics and which would be best for you.

Qualifying losses include those due to natural disaster, fire, tornados, lightning, sickness, drowning, accidents, theft, collision during transport, and many other named perils.

Why Include Livestock Coverage in Your Portfolio?

The rise in natural disasters affecting the state of Texas has increased considerably in the last decade, leaving many ranchers with astronomical losses in crop destruction as well as livestock death.

Primarily, livestock insurance purchased from a ranch insurance service covers the financial loss you would suffer after multiple animal deaths due to a covered loss; it also provides a number of additional benefits.

  • With the monetary risk of livestock loss eliminated, you can accurately plan your yearly ranch budget.
  • Livestock risk and gross margin coverage can protect your investment when market prices decrease significantly and affect your income.
  • You may also find it easier to work with lenders since livestock ranch insurance reduces their risk.

Protect Your Livelihood with Cattle and Livestock Insurance

A cattle and livestock ranch insurance policy purchased from ranch insurance services can mean the difference between losing your ranch or staying in business after a substantial loss of animal life.

These affordable policies offered today by most ranch insurance agencies give you the critical protection needed to see you through natural disasters, disease outbreaks, freak accidents, forage loss, and many other causes of livestock loss!

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