As I sat at the Texas A&M baseball game on Saturday, I looked out at all of the construction on campus. Of course there are major renovation at Kyle Field, which involved the complete destruction of the west side of the stadium. There are also additions to the Student Recreation Center and both projects can be seen clearly from Olsen Field at Blue Bell Park. The insurance agent in me was pondering the limits of professional liability insurance that these construction companies are carrying for such an extensive job.

Seeing the larger-than-life cranes and other giant pieces of equipment gave me an insurance headache at the thought of the risks involved in such a project. While these projects and their insurance requirements may seem daunting, the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates are very familiar with the professional liability insurance needs of contractors and know how to prepare any business for such big jobs.

Business Insurance Requirements

More than likely, your business has Commercial General Liability Insurance. There are often additional insurance requirements that your contract may demand. Professional liability insurance is a contract requirement needed for most companies, from the engineers and architects to the construction crew itself. Depending on the size of the project, the required limits of professional liability insurance in Bryan can start at one million dollars and progress upwards. While the size of this policy coverage may not be something that your company regularly carries, it is certainly a good idea to keep such coverage if not required by each contract.

E & O Coverage

Professional liability insurance in College Station differs depending on the profession being covered, as it can require various forms under different names. It is often thought of as coverage for medical or legal professionals; however, the coverage really boils down to protection for faulty service or failure to provide agreed-upon services. Professional liability insurance in Bryan TX is also known as Errors & Omissions insurance, which better explains its coverage for faulty service/errors and failure to provide service/omissions.

In reference to the work done by contractors and their need for professional liability insurance in College Station, the errors or faulty service could refer to inaccuracies by architects or engineers, while the coverage for omissions could protect against an unfinished job or one that was not done to contract specifications. Professional liability insurance even covers the legal fees and defense costs that arise in the event of an E&O claim. With all the new buildings and renovations in and around campus, there is surely a great deal of exposure to the need for professional liability insurance.

Your business may need additional coverage to qualify for jobs such as these. Don’t wait until the perfect project comes along and then begin to research professional liability insurance in College Station. Call Jones & Associates today to find out how we can help you better protect your business. Professional liability insurance in Bryan TX may be required on certain; this doesn’t mean your company cannot benefit from regularly carrying this coverage. Protect your business 365 days of the year with professional liability insurance in College Station TX!

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