Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your safe haven – it’s where you and your family feel comfortable and where you keep the things that are important to you, things you would want to protect with insurance coverage under a homeowner’s insurance in College Station policy.

Homeowners insurance in Bryan is designed to protect the physical building, the possessions that are inside, the loss of use of that building if that results from a covered loss, and one of the more important coverages of liability to protect an owner in case an accident should occur at the home that causes injury or property damage to a visitor.

If you own a home, you need both parts of a homeowners insurance policy – Property and Liability – for protection against the risks that are faced every day.  You can even schedule specific items to be covered that may not normally be covered under a typical homeowners insurance in Bryan policy.

What can Jones & Associates do to help you  protect your home?

  • Tailor a homeowners insurance policy to meet  your specific needs!
  • Be right here in your area to help you with policy decisions and losses!
  • Bring our 45 year + of insurance knowledge to help you select the best coverages!

At Jones & Associates, we have been insuring homes all across Texas since 1967 – we know how to make sure your family is safe and protected in case something should happen in or to your home. Call us at (979) 776-4740 and let our family agency help protect your family from any loss!

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