Home Business Insurance

 Your home business – an invaluable place where two important worlds collide.  When the business world gets crazy or your personal life goes haywire, there’s no telling how the other half will be affected. An innocent toddler could spill juice on your laptop or you could find yourself with a liability issue due to a business pursuit.

What does this mean for  you insurance-wise?  It means that you need to definitely consider purchasing home business insurance in Bryan and College Station TX.  What types of insurance policies are available for your home business?

  • A rider to your existing home insurance policy!
  • An in-home business policy that offers more than a rider!
  • A separate business policy to cover all business assets!

The most important thing to know is that your basic homeowner’s policy will not cover a business run from a home – and may even cause cancellation of your homeowner’s policy!  Get a home business insurance policy in College Station TX for the protection that you need with the help of Jones & Associates Insurance.  How can they help you protect your home business?

  • Save you the time of finding the policy you need – they will do the work!
  • Tailor a policy to fit your specific home business needs!
  • Demonstrate how well they understand the needs of a small business!

Don’t wait any longer – call Jones & Associates Insurance at (979) 776-4740 and let them put together home business insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas!

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