Personal Auto Insurance

Most of us spend a great deal of time in our vehicle; whether it’s taking the kids to school, running errands, or traveling on a family vacation, our car needs to be safe and secure. Personal auto insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas is what you need – and what the State of Texas requires. Who is covered by a personal auto insurance policy?

  • You and your spouse, both as drivers and passenger!
  • Any immediate relatives who live in your household and are in your car!
  • Licensed drivers of your car who operate it with your permission!

You may want extra personal auto insurance in Bryan TX for your new teen driver or to protect yourself from reckless, uninsured drivers. Don’t choose the minimal coverage required by law, be sure you and your family are completely protected on the road with coverage that will reimburse you for any expense incurred due to an accident or loss of a vehicle.

What can Jones & Associates do to help you get the personal auto insurance in College Station TX that you need?

  • Protect you and your family from dangerous roads and reckless drivers!
  • Be sure you have adequate insurance for a place where you spend a lot of time!
  • It’s the law – but we can make it affordable for you!

At Jones & Associates, we want to shield you and your family from the harmful results of an auto accident. Call us at (979) 776-4740  to find out about Personal Auto insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas!

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