The New Year is rapidly approaching and while most of us think of January 1 as the start to a resolution, the first day of a new calendar year, or the beginning of a fiscal year - this year, think of it as the start to working toward your professional goals. Whether you are swimming along in a steady job or looking for new employment, it is always wise to sharpen your resume for the unexpected. As you prepare for the New Year, review your professional path and examine it for any holes or weaknesses. This is also a good time to ensure you have the right personal insurance in place, by contacting a local personal insurance agency and setting up an appointment to discuss your personal insurance needs.

Review Resume

The first step to making yourself attractive to prospective employers is to review your resume and make sure it is strong and comprehensive. While your work background may not be what you want for your next job, you can steer your professional resume in another direction by taking the right training courses or gaining experience with various software programs to give yourself a competitive edge.

You have to remember to think about what will make you an attractive candidate to a business looking to hire - or even to a business not looking to hire. For the right individual with the right credentials, many businesses will recognize their value and hire them whether they are looking to increase their work force or not.

Review Social Presence

The next item on the checklist is to research your web presence and rid it of any unprofessional marks. These days, businesses are doing much more than reviewing resumes to hire high quality employees, and the tools to investigate potential employees are right at their fingertips. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, may companies are checking these social media lists twice to ensure they do not hire someone who could be a liability. While these sites are for personal enjoyment and may serve as an outlet for creativity, you still need to filter your creativity to prevent these sites from serving as a hindrance to your dream job.

While working on your web presence, be sure to refine your Linked In profile and all of your qualifications listed on that profile. Companies use this resource to find prospective employees, and if you are diligent about keeping this site updated with your latest accomplishments, you won't have to worry about applying for a job - because businesses will come to you.


The final step in making yourself a "must-have" employee in the workforce is to network. The saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know” rings true in this instance because so often, a job is found by knowing someone. You can personally network anywhere, but the key is being willing to open up to the people you meet. Networking can happen at social functions, the gym and especially when volunteering. You could meet a prospective employer while volunteering for a cause dear to your heart. While sharing small talk, you could find yourself with a job offer. Never underestimate the situation, as a new job could be just around the corner.

In today's world, the workplace is much more competitive and more people are equipping their resume with multiple degrees, including graduate degrees. It is important to make yourself stand out in a good way, and sell yourself to a company. Show your future employer why you are the best fit for the job. At Jones & Associates, we want to prove that we are the right choice for you as your personal insurance agency. Our family owned and operated agency offers all the commercial and personal insurance services you need and we are ready to work for you. Call Jones & Associates today and let us prove to you that we are the right personal insurance agency for the job!

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