Having the right insurance is essential to protect a family from the unexpected things that sometimes happen in life. Homeowners insurance is an obvious need for those who own their own homes; however, adequate family protection involves more than just the structure where a family lives. Today, a complete personal insurance approach is recommended for a family to provide the proper coverage in the event of accident, illness, or even the death of a family member. As a way of catering to such needs, an experienced homeowners insurance agency will also offer a personal insurance plan rather than just a homeowner's insurance policy.

Why Homeowner’s Insurance Alone is Not Enough

Insurance that protects a family’s home is necessary for coverage against property damage, theft, and other perils to the structure and its contents. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance cannot protect a home from the possibility of repossession or a forced sale when a family incurs other expenses. Every year, families lose their homes after experiencing an income-producing member faces medical bills incurred from illness or injury. Should an income-producing family member die, having to sell their home is even more likely. Losing a home under these circumstances only serves to make the personal loss even more traumatic. Having the right personal insurance coverage in addition to homeowners insurance can play an important part in helping a family keep their home even when faced with illness, injury, or death.

Complete Personal Insurance for Greatest Protection

Keeping a family safe and secure in today's world requires the coverage of comprehensive personal insurance. Such insurance provides essential coverage for today, while looking towards the future. It keeps today’s concerns from becoming tomorrow’s problems, which can often end in a family losing their most important possession - their home. With the coverage of complete personal insurance provided by an experienced homeowners insurance agency, the things that are most likely to cause the loss of a home are covered, protecting loved ones even when things get tough. Following are some types of insurance a family should carry:

  • Homeowners Insurance - Protects the home and its contents against storm damage, fire, theft, and other types of losses. Protecting homes and possessions is important; however, without other personal insurance policies, homes can be repossessed or sold should income become a problem. Disability and life insurance provides the complete personal insurance to protect a family and their home.
  • Disability Insurance - When the head of a household, or any other income-producing family member becomes ill or injured, a family’s way of life can be dramatically effected. Medical bills can add up; if disability does not allow an income-producing family member to return to work, the family as a whole can suffer. With the right disability insurance, loss of income and some other expenses can be covered, enabling the family to keep their home even if disability is involved. This coverage is especially important for young families, where disability at an early age could be particularly devastating.
  • Life Insurance - Life insurance protects surviving family members if an income-producing member dies. When suddenly left without that income, a family can face hardships that might cause them to give up their home. Life insurance helps prevent this by providing an income to dependant family members so they can continue with their current lifestyle and keep their home.

For the most complete insurance protection today, families need personal insurance coverage, not just homeowners insurance. With the right combination of insurance policies, losing a home because of extraordinary bills, loss of income, or death can be prevented. Let an experienced homeowners insurance agency provide complete personal insurance coverage - and the peace of mind that can provide!

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