The weather is getting warmer, the grass is beginning to grow again, and the flowers are blooming. Spring is right around the corner. Yet spring also marks the beginning of storm season in Texas. This is also the time of year when many people must call their homeowners insurance agency to file a storm damage claim. Yet not every policy completely covers storm damage, so it is important that a homeowner to check their homeowners insurance and personal insurance policies to determine the type of coverage they carry and what might be missing.

Spring Storms and Increased Damage

Spring and summer are the time of year where certain parts of Texas experience the highest numbers of storms, resulting in the most storm damage to homes. Every year, homeowners insurance claims increase during these seasons, mostly due to storm damage that can include flooding, falling trees, wind damage, and damage caused by flying debris. Unfortunately, some homeowners find out too late that their policy does not cover certain perils, or only provides partial coverage. This is why a well-established homeowners insurance agency will recommend going over your homeowners and personal insurance policies before the storm season begins.

What Homeowners Insurance Usually Covers

Basic homeowners insurance policies normally cover damages that occur to the house itself, other covered structures on the property, and personal property up to the amounts specified within the policy. Policies also usually include some coverage for loss of use, personal liability for causing damage to someone else’s property, and medical liability coverage for persons injured on covered property. Certain types of storm damage may not be covered and must be added.  

Storm Damage - What is Not Automatically Covered

Homeowners insurance protects the residence against damage that occurs for many reasons, including weather. Yet certain types of storm damage may not be covered by that policy. Therefore, it is up to the policyholder to check with their homeowners insurance agency, and add extra coverage if necessary. Some storm damage perils that might not be automatically covered by a homeowners policy include the following:

  • Flood and Wind Damage - Since flooding and wind storms are especially common in certain areas of Texas, some general policies do not automatically provide this coverage. Rising water is usually due to flooding conditions and is not covered by itself.  Likewise, the wind storms that are prevalent in some parts of Texas and do not accompany a general storm system are not covered and may require the addition of wind storm damage to a policy, If there is a risk of floods or damage due to high winds, these perils should be added to a policy to be protected against any resulting damage.
  • Tree Damage - In most cases, a tree that falls on a covered structure is covered for the damage caused, as well as the cost of removal. When a tree on covered property falls but does not damage anything, the removal is most likely not covered.  Trees that fall on cars on a covered property are usually not covered by homeowners insurance; coverage is typically provided under the Other Than Collision coverage of its auto insurance policy.
  • Lightning Damage - Although homeowners insurance typically covers the damage caused by a lightning strike, such as physical damage to a structure or a fire caused by the strike, some policies do not cover electrical surges from lightning strikes. In storm-prone areas, it might be a good idea to add this coverage to protect home electronics.

The important thing for homeowners to remember is that it is wise to confirm what homeowners insurance coverage they have now before the start of Texas spring storms. Not all home or personal insurance policies cover every peril when it comes to storm damage. If there is a considerable risk of certain types of damage, it would be wise for a person to contact their homeowners insurance agency and have the appropriate coverage added right before those spring storms hit!

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