All terrain vehicles or ATVs can be a lot of fun to ride; unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. Whether riding on personal property or out on the trails, anyone who owns an ATV should carry a different type of personal auto insurance. Even though an ATV is not out on the highways, the possibility of injury or damage is higher than driving a regular car, so protecting oneself with a specific policy purchased from an ATV insurance agency is recommended.

ATVs Are Fun - But Dangerous

Every year, numerous people are injured, vehicles become damaged, and other types of property damage occur from people riding ATVs. These vehicles are great fun with family and friends; however, the fact remains that these vehicles are responsible for a large number of injuries and other damage. Although learning to ride an ATV takes skill and practice, many individuals and even children ride them without having acquired those necessary skills. Adding this fact together with the type of rugged terrain where ATVs are often ridden, the likelihood of an accident with serious injuries is greatly increased.

The Protection of ATV Insurance

Even the most careful of riders could be liable for property damage or another rider's injuries should an accident occur; this is why ATV insurance is necessary. Unlike personal auto insurance, ATV insurance specifically covers individually owned ATVs and those who may ride them. A policy purchased from an ATV insurance agency provides the following important coverages:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage - Bodily injury coverage for the payment of medical bills for injuries sustained while riding the insured ATV.

  • Liability Coverage - Liability to cover an owner if they injure someone while riding the ATV. Liability insurance is possibly the most important coverage that an ATV insurance policy provides.

  • Vehicle Coverage - Damage to the actual vehicle caused when it is being ridden or it is stored. Considering how expensive ATVs can be, this coverage comes in handy.

  • Property Damage Coverage - A comprehensive ATV policy covers any property damage caused while riding the insured ATV, such as damage to grounds, cars, buildings, or anything else. This happens more than might be expected, which is why it should be included in an ATV insurance policy.

Should You Get ATV Insurance?

Since some states are making it mandatory that anyone who owns an ATV must obtain liability insurance, the answer to this is a resounding "yes." Although a complete policy is the coverage most recommended, at the least anyone who owns an ATV should have liability insurance to protect themselves in the event that someone else is injured while riding with them.

To keep ATV riding fun, owners of these vehicles should always practice safe riding with proper protection that includes helmets, boots, and other safety gear as well as an insurance policy from an ATV insurance agency. Do not rely on personal auto insurance or other personal liability insurance to cover ATV use. For the most appropriate coverage, purchase a policy designed to specifically cover all the issues that can come along with riding an ATV!

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