Whether you read about it in the newspapers or received notice in the mail, Chrysler vehicles are being recalled due to a flaw that can be quite dangerous. Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler vehicles are on a recall list due to a flaw that allows hackers to remotely control the vehicles, allowing hackers to shut down the vehicle, drive it, cut the brakes, or make the electronic system go haywire. While most recalls are for minor issues on most personal autos, some are important things an owner should have repaired as soon as possible.

Recalled Vehicles Resources

Typically, an owner is notified of a personal auto recall by mail; however that form of communication can be unreliable, especially if you have moved, purchased a used vehicle, or are driving a vehicle that is not in your name. For this reason, it is important to check resources such as: Recalls.gov, Safercar.gov, NHTSA.org and ConsumerReports.org to see if your vehicle has been recalled for any reason.

These websites allow you to search for a recall on your personal auto, file a complaint, or even sign up for email alerts about any future recalls. Recently, a person had an issue with their air conditioning not working properly in their brand new car . This was quite troubling for a car in Texas, especially in the heat of the summer. This person had not received a notice stating the vehicle had a pending recall; however, since the car was still under warranty, it was taken to a dealership to have the A/C looked at. Sure enough, there was a recall on the vehicle that had not reached them stating there was a minor flaw causing the issue with the A/C. While the vehicle was in the shop, another recall problem was found and fixed that was not previously known.

Check For Recalls First

When having trouble with a vehicle, an owner should check to see if there is a recall before taking it to a non-dealership mechanic where a recalled issue could be fixed for free. Just like when a person needs to purchase personal auto insurance, they should seek the advice of a reputable personal auto insurance company, even if the problem is not a recall. A driver should check with the vehicle manufacturer to see what is covered under the vehicle’s warranty. Things such as oil changes and tire rotations could be included on a newer vehicle and that type of service visit can be costly very quickly.

When it comes to problems with a vehicle, it is always best to contact the dealership or the manufacturer of the vehicle. When it comes to protecting your car as well as your loved ones with personal auto insurance, call the insurance experts at Jones & Associates Insurance. This family-owned and operated agency has been serving Texans since 1967 and would like to make you a part of their family. Let them help you find the best personal auto insurance coverage for your vehicle!

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