Just about anywhere you go lately, people have canine companions in their cars. It is becoming more and more common for owners to bring pets along for the ride. As the number of traveling pets has increased, so have the personal auto insurance policies that offer pet coverage. In addition to protecting pets with this type of personal auto policy coverage, here are some other ways to keep pet pals safe while traveling.

Seat Belts For Pets

As important as it is for passengers and drivers to wear seat belts, it is just as important for a canine companion to wear some sort of safety harness, for the safety of both the pet and the driver. Should an accident occur, it could be quite dangerous and harmful for a pet to fly through the vehicle and hit a driver or passenger. The inconvenience of putting a pet in a safety harness is greatly outweighed by the benefits that can be gained. It is also helpful to determine if your pet is covered by your personal auto insurance coverage by looking at what is covered under your automobile policy’s collision coverage or with your agent.

Injuries To Pets Not Caused By Accidents

While a personal auto insurance policy may cover injuries to an animal caused by a collision, they might not cover all injuries to a pet while in the vehicle. Owners sometimes take their pet for a joy ride, stop for an errand, and leave the animal in the vehicle. While this may seem harmless, extreme hot or cold weather can be quite dangerous to a pet.

It certainly doesn’t seem to be a problem when the outside temperature is pleasant; however, the Estimated Vehicle Interior Air Temperature vs. Elapsed Time Table from the American Veterinary Medical Association website shows that a car’s interior temperature increases significantly as time passes. So even on a “nice day” heat or cold can be devastating inside that vehicle. So unless it is absolutely necessary to bring a pet along when running an errand, it is better not to chance any injury to them by bringing them with you.

Many people love spending time with their four-legged friends. Therefore, it is important to remember their safety as well as yours when letting them come along on a drive. Do not leave your pet in an unattended car and be sure they are safely harnessed while driving to avoid both distractions and injuries to both of you.

If you are not aware of this, your pet’s injuries may be covered through your personal auto insurance policy if they are injured in a collision, which is so beneficial should such an injury happen. Call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates today to find out if your canine companion is covered under your personal auto insurance policy!

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