In this fast-paced society, where everyone is always on the go, people often find themselves spending more time in their cars, than their homes. This may mean getting too comfortable and becoming lackadaisical when it comes to safety habits concerning vehicles. People may be exposing themselves to greater risks not only while driving, but also concerning vehicle break-ins and theft. Although personal auto insurance may cover a vehicle if there is a theft, it is important to be aware of your surroundings to avoid this danger. Following are some safety tips and reminders about being more proactive in preventing vehicle break-ins, or even attacks, when parking – especially when it comes to parking lots.

Running Errands At Night

A good, personal insurance agency advises clients to avoid running errands alone at dark. If this cannot be avoided, be sure to park in a well-lit area as close to the store as possible. It is so important to park safely at night to avoid the risk of a break-in or even worse, a personal attack. Culprits often hide between vehicles or in the shadows to surprise victims. Don’t let criminals victimize you for the sake of an easier parking spot.

Keep Purses and Other Valuables Out Of Sight

Another tip personal insurance agencies may give clients to avoid a vehicle break-in, is something most everyone has heard - hide anything valuable that is left in the car - or remove it altogether. Even if you are going to a familiar place and you feel your belongings should be safe for the few minutes you are away, a car break-in can happen quickly, and when least expected.

Avoid Carrying Purses On The “Outside” Arm

One final tip is to not carry a purse on whichever arm faces the parking lot pathway for vehicles looking to park. Someone could drive by and snatch the purse with any valuables and even cause serious injury from such a violent encounter. Unfortunately, keeping a purse on your inside arm does not guarantee a robber won’t attack from the inside; however, this will offer a little more protection against a drive-by theft.

It never hurts to be reminded of the importance of being alert and aware in a parking lot, whether it is day or night. While most personal auto insurance does provide coverage for personal property while in the vehicle, no one wants to go through having to replace stolen items, losing something irreplaceable, or worse yet, being attacked by a thief. Being preventive in and around your car can lower your chances of becoming such a victim!

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