Non-Profit Insurance Bryan TXIf the lights, decorations, and overly stressed and irritated shoppers don’t give it away that Christmas is here, the Salvation Army Santa’s ringing their bells outside of almost every major store certainly says it’s the holiday season. From New York to Texas, you can hear the bells ringing. This is a very special time of year for non-profit organizations as people reflect on their blessings and give generously to others at the soup kitchen, homeless shelters, pregnancy centers, and other worthy causes. With the influx of donations this time of year, it is important to be sure that your group has non-profit insurance in Bryan or College Station Texas to have coverage against the elements and other possible accidents and liabilities that can happen to ensure that your cause benefits from your efforts and donations.

Why Does My Group Need Non-Profit Insurance?

As with any other business or group, non-profit organizations can find themselves facing losses due to accidents, natural disasters, and liability charges; they are also very susceptible to lawsuits from former employees, beneficiaries, and others who feel that donated funds or resources are not being used appropriately.

A Non-Profit Worst Case Scenario

In November of 2013, two non-profit organizations benefiting veterans found themselves in the middle of an ugly legal battle. The national non-profit Wounded Warrior Project has sued a local Indiana non-profit organization called Help Indiana Vets. The controversy stems from the co-founder of Help Indiana Vets recently writing an article on the Help Indian Vets website calling the national non-profit a fraud, claiming that the Wounded Warrior Project does not spend enough of donated funds to help veterans.

The Wounded Warrior Project is now suing Help Indiana Vets for defamation and the co-founder of the Indiana non-profit is asking supporters to send money for a legal fund to help the organization fight the lawsuit. I don’t know if the Indiana non-profit has insurance; however, I can tell you there is non-profit insurance in Bryan and College Station TX available to protect organizations and provide a cushion against any lawsuits that are filed.

Coverage Can Be Found

For all non-profits – from soup kitchens to charities – there is insurance to provide protection from all sorts of losses and liabilities. The experts at Jones & Associates have years of experience working with local non-profit groups to ensure coverage is found at an affordable rate. We provide Non-Profit Insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas to churches, shelters, pregnancy centers and many other groups all across Texas; we know how to find the best policy to suit your needs. We understand your efforts to be frugal and save money to better fund your cause; however, we can find a policy that will fit your budget and your non-profit needs.

Your charitable group cannot afford to be without Non-Profit Insurance in Bryan or College Station. Don’t let another December day pass without calling the insurance experts at Jones & Associates to find out more about Non-Profit Insurance and all the ways we can help protect your organization with the right policy at the price that is right for your group.

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