If you’re like most pleasure riders, your motorcycle has been in the garage during the colder weather waiting for the warm, sunny days of spring.

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up, motorcycle insurance agencies advise that it is the perfect time for spring motorcycle maintenance as well as being sure you have adequate motorcycle insurance coverage.

When you keep your ride in good mechanical condition, your risk of a breakdown that could cause an accident and having to call your motorcycle insurance service for help is greatly reduced.

Test the Battery

It’s not uncommon for the battery on a motorcycle that hasn’t been used for a while to go dead; test yours with a battery tester and service or recharge it if needed according to the manufacturer’s directions.

If it won’t hold a charge or stays weak, motorcycle insurance agencies suggest simply replacing it so you won’t be stranded somewhere because your battery is dead.

Check the Brakes

Good brakes that operate properly are critical to avoid an accident that might cause you to file a claim with your motorcycle insurance.

Visibly look at the pads and discs to make sure they still some life left, then test to see how spongy the braking system feels.

If they seized during the winter, you’ll have to lubricate the brake mechanism and get it working again before it’s safe to hit the road.

Check and Fill the Tires

Tires are one of the easiest things to check during your spring motorcycle maintenance.

Look them over to make sure they’re in good condition and there is tread left, then check tire pressure using a pressure gauge.

Find out what the recommended PSI is for your tires and add air if they are low after sitting all winter.

Check and Lubricate the Chain

Give the chain a quick once-over look to make sure that no debris is stuck in it and it looks normal.

Then give it a coating of grease if it looks a little dry or there’s surface corrosion to keep it in good condition.

Refill Oil, Gas, and Coolant

During spring maintenance, motorcycle insurance services suggest completely changing your fluids rather than just topping them off.

Change the oil and oil filter, siphon out and replace old gas, and replace coolant with fresh to keep everything running well and protect your motor.

Test the Electrical System

There’s more to the electrical system on your bike than just the battery, so test everything while doing your maintenance.

Test all the lights and turn signals to be certain they are working; your motorcycle insurance service can attest that a broken turn signal could be deadly for anyone riding a motorcycle.

Last Check - How Does It Feel?

Last of all, finish your spring motorcycle maintenance by hopping on, donning your helmet, and starting it up.

Motorcycle insurance agencies suggest going for a quick test drive at a slower speed and pay attention to how the bike rides, from the feel and response of the suspension and accelerator to how well the brakes are working.

Once everything is running well and working properly, double check your insurance coverage and then get ready to head out on the highway for some fun times on your safe, well-maintained motorcycle!

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