It may not be the most exciting graduation gift to give a high school senior; however, this is a great time to purchase a life insurance policy for your child. When heading off to college, your child is learning responsibility. So what better way to teach them a lesson in responsibility than to discuss different ways to protect themselves and their loved ones with proper life insurance coverage. It may seem way too early, or a really odd thing to set up at this time in their life. If that is the case, following are some reasons why you may want to talk with a life insurance provider about this important coverage for your child.

Getting a Good Rate

If you do not already have a life insurance policy for your child, setting one up before they go off to college is important. A life Insurance agency takes many things into account when producing a rate quote, including an individual’s health, medical history and especially – their age. Your high school senior has a lot of those things going for them when it comes to getting a great rate on a life insurance policy. Their age alone will give them a great rate on a policy from a life insurance provider. However, more than likely, they also do not have any major medical issues, which will also help keep their rate low.

Dangers Facing College Students

Another factor to consider when thinking about coverage from a life insurance agency for your college kid, is the dangers they face at school. Unfortunately, meningitis is one of these dangers, and is still a very real hazard to your child’s health. Its effects are terrible, sudden, and often fatal. Although the shot to protect against meningitis is typically required by most universities, there are still cases every year that bring this concern to the forefront. This is certainly not a topic anyone wants to dwell on, since parents have certainly prepared and protected their children as best they can, but it is still a potential reality that one should not ignore.

Life Insurance and Debt

Both during and after college, when a young person is trying to find a job and get established, can be a learning opportunity that can easily result in debt. This is their first time they are on their own without having to answer to their parents, and if they have not learned how to budget money, or have unlimited funds at their disposal, such as a credit card with a high limit, the end result can be ugly. It is easy for a young person to try to impress fellow students and live outside their means or an established budget. While the thought of losing your child while in college or soon after is very upsetting and unlikely, the thought of not being prepared for such a loss and having to pay for the funeral costs and any debt that your child has accrued, without the assistance of a policy from a life insurance provider can cause even more pain and suffering.

Life insurance is not just for the head of the household, with a family to support. A good life insurance agency understands this type of coverage can make coping with a loss a little easier when a family also has the concern of how to make ends meet, with the expenses that come with a loss of a family member. At Jones & Associates, we are a life insurance provider, and we want to make sure that you and your family are well covered and protected. Give us a call today to find out how affordable life insurance can be!

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