With all of life’s uncertainties and the recent tragic events such as the missing Malaysia Flight and Washington Mudslides, it really is necessary to think about the possibility of an unexpected tragedy and how survivors will have to deal with it. No one expects to lose a loved one unexpectedly; however, when such a loss occurs, life insurance in Bryan or College Station Texas can help those left behind handle the cost of funerals and outstanding debts.

The loss of a family member or loved one is hard enough on surviving family members having to deal with the additional stress of funeral costs and debt – and can be avoided with proper planning. This is when the support provided by the purchase of life insurance in Bryan or College Station TX can be immense. Consider the following benefits of life insurance.

  • Helps Pay Medical and Funeral Costs – Whatever the cause of death, it is very common for medical bills to have been incurred that are often then left unpaid. In addition, the cost of funerals has greatly increased and is a bill that typically must be immediately paid. The resources found through life insurance policies can be such a relief to a family that is already dealing with the death of a loved one. There is no greater peace of mind when planning an estate to know that those immediate expenses such as funeral costs can be handled very quickly when payment for a life insurance policy is given to a beneficiary.

  • Helps Pay Taxes and Debts – It is not uncommon for a deceased to leave behind outstanding debts – in fact, it is common for almost everyone. Unless a form of Credit Life Insurance was carried, outstanding debts still need to be paid. There are also taxes to be paid, which unfortunately do not just disappear when someone dies. Both of these can greatly decrease any money that is part of the deceased’s estate. Bryan TX life insurance is one way to ensure that both outstanding debts and taxes can be handled without decreasing the estate being left to survivors.

  • Helps Fund Specific Goals – Many people purchase life insurance policies with specific goals in mind such as paying for the college education of children and grandchildren or perhaps as a gift for a special future occasion such as the wedding of a child. Without the benefit of life insurance in College Station TX, these planned events might not be possible.

  • Helps With Adjusting – When a family member dies – and especially if it is the primary source of income for that family – having to make necessary financial adjustments when that income is lost can be frankly overwhelming. Although there may be some death or survivor benefits that will eventually be paid, in most cases that salary is immediately gone. The peace of mind provided by having a lump sum life insurance policy payment cannot be measured in dollars or cents – it is a resource that pays for itself over and over again, every time an insurance agent visits the surviving family to deliver payment of the insurance proceeds to allow a family to have a source of income until the final estate is settled. It is indeed priceless.

Life insurance in College Station and Bryan TX does come with a cost; however, that cost is really not that much when paid in monthly amounts over many years. It is a value that is greatly repaid by the peace of mind of knowing that family members and loved ones will have financial security when you are gone. Do you want your loved ones to be without such support? Let Jones & Associates Insurance help you sort through all of the details to get the right amount of insurance purchased that you need for your family.

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