Everyone seems to have survived the crazy Black Friday shopping specials. If you are one of many who spent a portion of your Thanksgiving break shopping for Christmas gifts, was any thought given about the ultimate gift of life insurance in College Station? New clothes or the season’s newest electronics are a great gift right now; however, life insurance in Bryan is the gift that keeps on giving. People often think of life insurance as a work benefit or an obligation to protect your family should you die. Well, now is the time to look at this ultimate protection as a great gift of security.

What are some of the reasons why life insurance is a great gift to give your family this holiday season?

It Is Affordable

Many people assume that it costs a lot to purchase life insurance in College Station, when in actuality it is actually very affordable. The sooner you begin buying whole life insurance, for example, the less it will cost. At age 20, a male in good health can start buying a whole life policy of $500,000 for $197 a month; at age 35 the cost increases to $367 per month. Costs for a female are $167 per month at age 20 and $312 per month at age 35. The cost does depend on health, so it is important for a person to get annual physicals to be sure they are in overall good health, including weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

Another alternative to whole life insurance is term life insurance. This type of policy pays only upon the death of the insured; however, the advantage to this type is that the cost is significantly less than the whole life insurance listed above. For example, a male at age 20 can buy that same $500,000 policy for $32 per month and at age 35, the cost is $36. For female, cost for that same policy at age 20 is $26 and age 35 is $36. This is definitely the best way to have the protection of life insurance for an affordable amount.

The obvious advice here is to purchase whole life insurance as soon as your finances allow; then you can keep its cost at reasonable, cost-effective levels.

It Is A Valuable Gift

At four years of age, a child will not appreciate or understand the gift of life insurance; however, when that child is older, he or she will begin to understand the value of such a gift. Hopefully, they will then recognize that it serves as extra coverage for the family and as a safety net in case of emergencies. People typically think of life insurance in Bryan as a benefit that only pays when a person dies. Some types of life insurance allow the insured to withdraw the current cash value of the policy if an emergency should occur and cash is needed.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones this Christmas, give the gift of life insurance in Texas. Not only is life insurance in College Station a great gift for your loved ones; it is also an excellent gift for yourself. Give your family more than a gift wrapped with a bow this Christmas – give them peace of mind.

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