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There are not many people who would consider life insurance a very interesting subject; yet it had some very interesting beginnings worth learning about. Insurance, and the idea of protecting valuables through an insurance-type program, is actually rather old. The basis for life insurance in Bryan and College Station Texas dates back to Roman times, which isn’t so surprising as Romans were known to be good with finances. It is an interesting story about how and where the idea for insurance began and how it got to its current usage.

The Roman Burial Club

Dating back to 100 BC, Roman societies created what was called a burial club, which worked much like modern life insurance in Bryan TX. Club members made regular deposits into the main fund and when a club member passed away, an all-important, proper burial was given with funds from the club. Why was this so important? The Romans believed that a deceased person experienced ghastly torment if not correctly buried; with the burial club, it was assured that this would not happen to a club member. The burial fund eventually began including a stipend that was given to the family of the deceased as well, although this practice stopped after the fall of the Roman Empire and was not seen again until the 1700’s.

Later Role of Life Insurance in the 18th Century

Although there was some initial interest in life insurance and providing necessary funds as early as the 1600’s, it was not until the 1700’s that the first policy was offered. Until that time, life expectancy and death patterns were carefully studied; Edmund Halley – the famed astronomer who had a comet named after him – formulated the first mortality table based on life span, mortality rate, and premium cost.

Life insurance was introduced worldwide in the United States in the 1750’s, some time after the opening of the country’s first general insurance companies that would eventually add life policies to their offerings. The first policies were written by the Presbyterian Synods of New York and Philadelphia for Presbyterian ministers, who were not wealthy and had average families, to provide money to surviving widows and children.

From there, the idea spread and soon there were numerous companies in the United States offering life insurance in this manner. The New York fire of 1835 rapidly increased interest in life insurance and states began to require that companies maintain funds plus allow customer purchases and contributions. This did change the aftermath of future disasters and provided families with support should the breadwinner die unexpectedly.

Life Insurance Policies Today

Today, life insurance in College Station TX works practically the same as it did in the 1800’s. Policies are still offered by certain membership groups or mutual insurance companies as well as individually through other insurers. If the cause of a death is not excluded, a policyholder’s beneficiaries will receive the purchased benefit.

Life insurance in Bryan and College Station is a difficult topic for many to consider; however, protecting a surviving family is a serious goal. Starting a plan to purchase life insurance is something that will greatly assist loved ones who survive the death of a policyholder. There is so much peace of mind to be gained by having adequate life insurance protection – and the history that has led to such assurance is indeed an interesting one!

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