Landlord Package Insurance Bryan TXAnother semester is coming to an end in Bryan/College Station; any time a semester ends at Texas A&M, there is always a turnover in rental properties with students moving out and new ones moving in. Whether your rental property is: in a college town and rentals are to students; in a big city with the choice of many renters; or in a vacation area with seasonal renters, it is vital to have Landlord Package Insurance written in Bryan or College Station Texas to protect your property investment. To really understand policies and coverage issues, be sure to know the different types of Landlord Insurance that is available.

What Coverages Are Available?

The type of landlord insurance typically thought of is multi-property insurance, designed for landlords with more than one rental property. When just one rental property is involved, buy-to-let insurance is what is needed as it covers one property and is typically purchased with a buy-to-let mortgage.

Here’s the tricky part of knowing what is covered in your Landlord Package insurance policy. For sure, your homeowner’s policy does not cover any rental property(s), so don’t rely on that policy to cover rental homes. Landlord package insurance in Bryan and College Station TX does cover rental property from a number of perils and the policies range from comprehensive property coverage, named peril coverage, liability coverage, loss of rent and so much more.

  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive property coverage covers most accidental losses that are not specifically excluded in the policy.
  • Named Peril – For more specific stated or listed coverages in a policy, there is Named Peril Coverage that provides coverage for stated risks such as fire, lightning, hail, and even explosions.
  • Liability – As a landlord, it is important to have Liability Coverage as protection against the risk of being found legally responsible for an accident in or on your rental property that causes property or injury damage to someone on the premises. Such coverage can be tailored to meet certain needs.

Whether new to the landlord business or renting ten houses across town, it is always a good idea to check your policy and be sure everything is properly covered at a good premium price. With a new season of movers both in and out of rental properties, now is the best time to re-evaluate your Landlord Package Insurance in Bryan or College Station – or explore having a new policy tailored just for you.

As a landlord of one or multiple rental properties, you are like a small business – and no one understands small business insurance better than Jones & Associates. We know you wear many hats as a landlord, so let us take on the job of finding the best Landlord Package Insurance in Bryan and College Station for your rental properties!

Let Jones & Associates Handle Your Landlord Package Insurance Needs!
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