Identity Theft Insurance in College Station Texas

Identity theft is a growing concern become because of the many sophisticated ways in which personal information can be stolen. Identity theft insurance is an important insurance protection that many people can now purchase. These policies are quite valuable in helping victims of identity theft restore their identity. Of course, the best protection is always prevention. Identity theft insurance services suggest the following tips to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Understand How Identity Theft Happens

Identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently obtains personal information like credit card numbers, banking information, and social security numbers, then uses that information to make purchases or open accounts. Identity theft insurance services find that this crime is rapidly growing, primiarly because of the increase in online transactions. Identity theft insurance can help repair damaged credit and identity, although it may not completely help eradicate fraudulently collected debt. So reducing exposure of personal information is highly recommended.  

Best Ways to Reduce Identity Theft

By following the important tips referenced below, most people can reduce their chance of experiencing identity theft:

  • Use Credit Over Debit - Since debit cards are tied directly to a checking account, it is safer to use credit cards for purchases to avoid the possibility of having cash removed. Many credit cards offer theft protection and it is easy to call the credit card company to report suspicious activity. In particular, completely avoid using debit cards for online shopping.
  • Reduce the Number of Cards Carried - Although there are many advanced ways that card info can be stolen; purses and wallets are still a primary souce. By reducing what is carried in a purse or wallet to one card that is used for specific purchases, cardholderscan  reduce their exposure to identity theft should their purse or wallet be stolen.
  • Pay Attention When Using Cards - Watch as merchants swipe cards to ensure they do it only once, examine point of sale card machines and ATMs to ensure they do not look wrong, and dispose of receipts at home by shredding them when no longer needed. When shopping online, only provide credit card information to trusted, encrypted sites; do not store credit card information within customer accounts. Always shred credit card applications as opposed to tossing them in the trash.
  • Protect Personal Information - Never release personal information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card details over the phone or to a website unless dealing with a trusted company. Very few institutions actually require an SSN, so do not give it out other than to banks, tax and employment offices and other legal entities. Avoid carrying a social security card around except for a particular one-time usage.
  • Monitor Bank Statements and Credit Reports - Pay attention to credit card statements so that any fraudulent card use can be detected as soon as possible. Get a credit report at least once a year. Report concerns immediately to card companies and put a freeze on credit reports if identity theft is suspected. Those who have identity theft insurance should also immediately notify their identity theft insurance services to begin the resolution process and identity repair.
  • Use Effective Computer Protection - Online security involves more than just careful use of credit card numbers. Use a firewall and appropriate malware protection to prevent attacks that can steal personal information. Create strong online passwords. Only use trusted, secure websites. Clean hard drives from old computers before disposing of them.

By using these important methods, most people can protect themselves from identity theft. For anyone who feels they may be especially at risk, discuss any concerns with identity theft insurance services and add identity theft insurance to personal insurance policies!

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