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Homeowners insurance services know that selling your house can be challenging in today's market, where many homes can be listed for months or even years on end. You may have already moved into your new residence, leaving your previous house vacant. Did you know that doing so can affect your homeowners insurance?

Houses that are vacant still require insurance from a homeowners insurance agency.  If you do not handle it the proper way, you could lose out on important coverage.

Vacant Houses and Homeowners Insurance

Although you purchase homeowners insurance to protect your house, that policy is only valid if someone is living there. Houses that are vacant and not being regularly cared for and monitored present a higher risk for damage or liability. Because of this, many homeowners insurance services may not apply or could reduce or omit certain coverage from the policy.

Additionally, if you move out and fail to notify your insurance agency of this, the house can be considered abandoned or neglected and the policy dropped. So how should you deal with this problem if you have to move out when your house is still for sale?

What Defines Vacancy?

By law, a house is considered vacant if it does not contain enough furnishings for someone to actually live there, furnishings such as appliances, a bed, a kitchen table and chairs, a few living room chairs, etc. In addition to this, some insurance companies will consider your house vacant after 30 or 60 days if nobody is living there, regardless of whether such belongings are present.

When defining vacancy, it is important that you check with your homeowners insurance agency about what is stated in your applicable homeowners policy.

What Are Your Options?

Depending on your homeowners insurance company, you may be able to avoid your house being considered vacant by simply leaving some furniture there. Yet if it is determined that your house is considered vacant because nobody will be living there, getting the right liability and damage coverage for the property is essential. There are a number of ways you might be able to do this:

  • Endorsement - Some homeowners insurance services sell a vacant house endorsement that can be added to the existing policy. The endorsement covers the things that would normally be excluded from the policy when a house becomes vacant, such as vandalism, broken glass, and other damage and liabilities. These policies are usually fairly inexpensive.
  • Vacant House Policy - If your homeowners insurance agency does not offer a vacant house endorsement, you can purchase a policy specifically for vacant houses from an agency that offers specialty policies. These policies can cost considerably more than endorsements and the price may vary depending on where you live.

If your house is for sale but you move out before it is sold, make sure the house is covered by the right homeowners insurance policy. Talk to your homeowners insurance agency to find out their definition of vacancy and what you need to do to maintain adequate coverage on the house. Experienced homeowners insurance services will work with you to make the best arrangement for your house so that both you and your home remain protected until you can hand the keys over to a new owner!

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