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When it comes to the weather, Texas has it all - blazing heat, damaging winds, hail, and flooding due to hurricanes and other big storms. In spite of this, homeowners insurance companies find that many Texas homeowners do not carry the right types of home insurance to protect against losses that occur due to extreme weather conditions.

Often times the results are devastating losses that are not covered under a general homeowners policy. This became especially apparent after Hurricane Harvey when many found their destroyed houses were excluded from coverage because they did not have flood insurance.

To prevent this from happening, Texas homeowners insurance agencies suggest that  you learn all the risks that could affect your house and purchase the right policies. Flood and wind or hail damage in certain Texas coastal counties are not always covered by homeowners policies.

Homeowners Insurance Policies and Exclusions

Many assume that as long as they have homeowners insurance their house is protected no matter what happens to it. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some homeowners realize too late that their policy contains exclusions that apply to certain types of damage.

Texas general home insurance policies exclude flood damage as well as wind and hail damage in certain coastal Texas counties. Coverage for such losses need to be covered under policies sold by a homeowners insurance agency. If you do not have this coverage and suffer damage that is attributed to flood or wind and hail as qualified above, your claim may be denied.

Flood, Wind, and Hail Policies Can Be Confusing

Depending on where in Texas your house is located, you may need supplemental flood, wind, or hail insurance to keep it protected. If you choose to purchase this extra home insurance coverage, it is important to understand how these policies work or you could have an unclaimable loss. Following is an explanation of how these supplemental policies work:

  • Hail - Of all the various supplemental homeowners insurance policies, hail coverage is the simplest to understand. If you live in one of the coastal counties in Texas and your house is damaged by hail, it can be claimed under the hail damage rider.
  • Wind - Wind damage is generally covered by Texas policies. It is not covered in certain coastal counties and would need to be covered by supplemental wind and hail policies.
  • Flood - Flood coverage extends to damage sustained due to rising waters or storm surges. Any Texas should speak with their homeowners insurance agency to purchase a flood damage policy.

Sadly, this is a detail many homeowners fail to realize. Between the issue of inaccurate flood maps and misunderstanding over policy exclusions, many homeowners face unclaimable losses.

If you own a house in Texas that could potentially be affected by hurricanes, hail, flooding, and wind, adding these supplemental policies to your general homeowners insurance are always your best protection. These additional home insurance policies are priced for the level of protection they offer. A local homeowners insurance agency can tell you more about your risk level and which policies apply to your circumstances!

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