Whether there’s a pool in your backyard, one just down the street in your neighborhood, or just a body of water you see on vacations, pools can still be dangerous when your kids don’t know how to swim. These days, the threat is even more real with a swimming pool in almost every backyard and around every corner, a risk that needs to be addressed by every homeowners insurance policy. Here are some tips and reminders to keep your kids safe around the pool this summer.

Gates With Locks

Our first tip is to make sure your backyard pool is securely fenced with a lock on the gate. While most homeowners policies require that your pool have a fence around it, it is still important to check your fence to make sure it is secure and that the gate is locked. If your home serves as one side of the fence, you could install a door alarm for the door(s) on that side of the house so you know when anyone is exiting into the pool area. Make sure every lock is high enough that your kids can’t reach it.

Life Vests

Our second tip is to put on your child’s floaties or life vest inside your home before entering the pool area. All it takes is one second for a child to jump in while you aren’t looking. Once you get close to the pool, your child’s eyes are on the prize and they don’t want to wait to jump in. Don’t wait until you get to the pool to put on sunscreen and floating devices; apply all safety gear and protection ahead of time to prevent an unsafe swim.

Know How To Use CPR

Our final safety tip is one that we hope you never have to use or face a homeowners insurance claim as a result. Practice and stay well-prepared with CPR; it is vital for everyone to know and stay current on the latest ways to perform CPR. It is also helpful to keep a pool safety kit nearby or with you when you go to the pool. This kit should contain a first aid kit, a flotation device, a charged portable phone to call 911, and a pair of scissors in the event you need to cut a pool cover or clothing to save your child. For more information on CPR, check out the American Heart Association – Two Steps To Staying Alive web site.

With all the bodies of water that are available to our kids especially during the summer, it is never too early to teach your kids how to swim. Start all children at an early age learning about the basics of how to float; this simple lesson could save a child’s life. No parent should have to face the fear of their child drowning; be proactive, check for swimming pool coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy, and discourage children from entering the pool without adult supervision. From all of us at Jones & Associates Insurance, we hope you have a fun and safe summer!

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