The holidays are upon us and if you are visiting grandma or other family with toddlers and small children in tow this Thanksgiving, car insurance and homeowners insurance agencies want all of you to stay safe.

All the excitement can easily result in unintentional carelessness that may lead to accidents with children, so it is important to stay alert.

Take note of these common issues that auto and homeowners insurance services see when small children visit in less-familiar surroundings and take steps to keep everyone safe!

Car Seat Safety

Even though you are already using a car seat every day for infants and small children, car insurance agencies recommend paying some extra attention to the car seat when traveling for the holidays.

Higher traffic volume over the holidays means an increased chance of having an accident, so make sure your child is as safe as he or she can be.

Before leaving, double-check that the seat is correctly installed in your car and still properly sized to keep a child as safe as possible.

In addition, avoid bundling up baby too much in clothing that can affect the fit of the car seat.

Keep the car warmer and use a blanket instead so that the seat and seatbelts fit properly and provide adequate protection.

Safe Sleeping Accommodations

Similarly, homeowners insurance services point out that safe sleeping accommodations are just as important for young children as are properly fitting car seats.

Avoid potentially serious accidents and injuries by making sure toddlers and infants have a safe, enclosed sleeping space, whether in the form of a pack-n-play enclosure, a crib or bassinet, or other area to prevent falling or crawling away.

Fireplaces and Space Heaters

Fireplaces and space heaters in the home are dangerous attractions for small kids according to many homeowners insurance services, especially if there isn't one in your own home.

If either is present in a relative’s home, start off by instructing kids not to go near them and then make sure they are safely blocked from the reach of small children.

Use the spark screens or glass doors in front of fireplaces that act as a barrier and never leave a child unattended when there is a fire going or a space heater in use.

Kitchen Safety

With all the cooking going on during the holidays, it is natural that kids might want to help.

Kitchens are dangerous places, especially for small children, and the one location that homeowners insurance agencies find to be the source of most house fires.

Practice kitchen safety by keeping pot handles facing inward, sharp and hot things out of reach of small hands, and have someone standing by to supervise children or keep them entertained away from the kitchen. 

Medicine Safety

As random and surprising a fact as it might seem, homeowners insurance companies report that of all medicine-related accidents treated in emergency rooms, 67% of them were children who got into something they shouldn’t have.

The risk of this happening in a relative’s house where kids might wander and explore new cabinets or intriguing purses and overnight bags is also higher.

Avoid these types of accidents by keeping all medicines and any bags containing them out of reach of kids when visiting others.

Pay Attention to Child Safety When Making Holiday Visits

Children are inquisitive by nature, especially in newer or less common environments.

From heeding the warnings of checking car seat safety from car insurance companies to following the rest of these tips from homeowners insurance agencies, parents visiting family over Thanksgiving must stay vigilant to keep their children safe.

Keep holiday visits festive and fun this year with these easy tips from your homeowners insurance provider!

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