As summer begins to wind down, it is time to start thinking about the new school year. For college students, this may mean a move in the near future. While their dorm may be small, it is amazing how much one college student can stuff into that space. Before your college kid packs up this fall, read the following food for thought to make sure their belongings are protected by the proper homeowners or renters insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Coverage

When kids go off to school, there are a lot of things that go with them, and that protective bubble of your home is no longer protecting their belongings. Yet, it is comforting to know that you can protect them through your homeowners insurance in Texas. This is certainly something you want to confirm with your insurance agent, but most homeowners insurance policies will extend coverage for your child’s belongings while they are away at school and living in a dorm, sorority house, or another type of student housing.

It is important to note that some homeowners insurance companies will only cover possessions in student housing for up to 10 percent of the personal property limit on a homeowners insurance policy. Therefore, it is important to take inventory of what a student takes with them, and ensure you have enough coverage. If your child is taking a lot of their things with them, or taking any expensive items, you may want to schedule those expensive items or increase your personal property coverage.

Renters Insurance Coverage

Of course, once your child decides to move off campus, or out of their student housing and into their own apartment, you will need to protect them and their possessions with a renters insurance policy. Like most college students, your child may be sharing an apartment or home with multiple roommates. In these situations, each roommate needs to get their own separate policy.

While most renters and homeowners insurance companies allow you to have one other unrelated party on a renters insurance policy, this may cause some issues in the event of a claim. For example, if a property claim is made, the claim check will be made out to both parties. Perhaps more importantly, if a liability claim is made on your policy due to the actions of a roommate, your insurance score could be negatively affected because of their actions.

As you are preparing to send your kids off to college, don’t forget to protect their personal property with coverage under your homeowners insurance or on their own renters insurance policy. We know that as you prepare for them to leave home, there is a lot on your mind. Don’t add the concern for coverage for your college student’s personal property to that. Call the homeowners insurance company professionals at Jones & Associates today and let us ensure that both you and your student have the proper coverage!

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