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Water damage can become a homeowner’s nightmare, even when they are protected by a good homeowners insurance policy. Damage caused by floods and other water concerns can be ongoing, and extremely costly to repair. It can also ruin important and sentimental items that can be hard, if not impossible, to replace. To limit the possibility of water damage, homeowners insurance services recommend following the important tips below to help homeowners protect their homes, and their property.

  • Get Regular Roof Inspections - A leaky roof is a common cause of water damage, one that can be easily prevented. When roof leaks go undiscovered for some time, they can even cause structural damage to a home. Homeowners should hire a reputable roofing contractor to inspect their roof at least once a year to check for damage that can lead to leaks.
  • Improve and Update Home Drainage - Along with a good roof, every home needs properly installed gutters and downspouts to divert water away from the home. Some homes may even need additional drainage depending upon the type of soil and lot they are built on. Poor drainage is a main cause of home flooding and other home damage.
  • Install A Sump Pump - Where lower level or basement flooding is a problem or a potential risk, homeowners insurance services recommend that homeowners install a sump pump. A sump pump may not prevent flooding; however, if a home is flooded, it can be helpful in getting water pumped out quickly and reducing the amount of damage.
  • Seal the Basement - Over time, basements and anything in the basement can be damaged due to leaks and humidity concerns. One way to reduce this problem is to seal basement floors and walls. There are a number of sealers and basement coatings available that can be easily painted on to improve waterproofing in the basement.
  • Replace Older Plumbing - Home plumbing generally lasts for a long time, although not forever. Depending upon the type of plumbing and the age of the home, replacing plumbing may be in order to prevent leaks and deterioration. Some pipes, like PVC, only last for about 25 years; while others may last much longer. In any case, homeowners insurance companies recommend having a licensed plumber check all pipes in the home as a part of normal maintenance and replace any older ones.
  • Maintain Appliances and Fixtures - The washing machine is a common cause of water damage, since water supply hoses can go bad after a few years. Replace washer hoses every two to three years to prevent these accidents. Similarly, keep bathtubs, showers, and all sinks in the home properly caulked to prevent water leaks within the walls, through the floors, and other areas.
  • Replace Doors and Windows - Older doors and windows are another common area where homes can experience issues due to water. Updating to watertight versions can be cost-effective in many ways, including the prevention of water damage. Otherwise, effective maintenance to keep windows and doors clean and painted, any areas repaired where air and water can get in and damage door and window frames, as well as other areas inside the home should be done.

Homeowners insurance services know that not all water damage can be prevented; however, it is possible to reduce the chance of sustaining water damage. Homeowners insurance may cover water damage; however in some cases homeowners may lose more than just carpeting. The best solution for dealing with water damage is trying to prevent it in the first place!

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