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Hurricane Harvey is long gone; however, for many local homeowners and their homeowners insurance companies, the work is still ongoing. If your home was damaged by flooding, it must be repaired and cleaned before you can move back in.

As every homeowners insurance firm knows, mold can cause health issues and other problems. To ensure your house is move-in ready, your homeowners insurance agency can help you find the contractors you need to demo and clean it right.

Demolition of Damaged Interiors

There is more involved in cleaning and repairing flood-damaged homes than simply throwing out carpeting and furnishings. To do the job correctly and as your homeowners insurance firm requires, water damaged building materials must also be removed as they could contain mold.

After all furnishings and personal items have been removed and the house emptied, the heavy work begins with the following:

  • Remove Affected Drywall and Insulation - Since drywall and insulation soak up water, it is almost impossible to get these materials completely dry and mold free. Every homeowners insurance agency knows the best way to repair water damaged drywall and insulation is to remove it. Contractors will cut out drywall, removing it to about a foot above the waterline, and install new drywall and insulation. This type of repair is covered by your homeowners insurance if you have added flood insurance coverage to your homeowners policy.
  • Remove Other Affected Building Materials - Besides drywall, your homeowners insurance firm advises that your contractor remove all other wood or absorbent building materials. Anything made of wood, particleboard, or other absorbent materials should be removed. This includes baseboard and wood moldings, wood or laminate floors, cabinetry, and doorjambs that may not work correctly if the wood has swelled.

Cleaning After the Flood

Once the house has been emptied and all damaged building materials removed, the house must be thoroughly cleaned and dried out before your homeowners insurance agency will approve reconstruction of the interior. The best and easiest way to clean all remaining surfaces exposed to flood waters is with a solution of bleach and water.

After a good cleaning, your house must be quickly dried out to prevent the growth of mold. This process can take a number of days. When everything is completely dry, have the house tested for the presence of mold. Mold testing after flood damage is usually required under local building ordinances. Your homeowners insurance agency may require this as well. If the house is fully dry and there is no presence of mold, reconstruction of the interior can begin. If mold is detected, more cleaning and drying is required.

Rebuilding after flood damage can be time-consuming since it may involve extensive interior demolition and reconstruction work. Your homeowners insurance firm knows this is required to clean and dry your home to have a healthy environment when your family to moves back in. Most homeowners insurance policies with flood insurance require these and additional steps to ensure the safety of your home!

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