Leaving home for a week or two at a time to head to the beach or a resort might seem like the perfect vacation to many people.

Yet those who work at a homeowners insurance agency have some clients who believe that the thought of leaving their home unattended during a vacation could take some of the pleasure out of vacationing.

The last thing you want to find when returning from a couple of weeks away is a homeowners insurance claim in the making because your house was somehow damaged or even broken into.

Take A Staycation Instead!

If unexpected home insurance claims are some of the worries that plague your mind when heading out on vacation every year, have you ever thought about taking a staycation this year?

With a little pre-planning and creativity, you can enjoy a fun and affordable vacation without even leaving home!

Unplug From It All

Just as you would on any other vacation, unplug from the internet and the rest of the world while you’re vacationing at home to keep your home safe and avoid homeowners insurance claims.

Other than having your phone available for the usual things, avoid turning on your laptop and getting sucked into work during your off-time.

Spend your staycation actually getting away from the everyday norm and getting out to have some fun.

Prepare In Advance

Create a vacation budget, then prepare for your staycation in advance.

Plan activities, buy your event tickets, stock the house with food and other essentials to avoid going grocery shopping, and take care of all cleaning and other chores ahead of time.

Your effort to avoid home insurance claims by staycationing will feel more like an actual vacation if you’re not spending time with the usual weekly errands and home care.

Plan Fun Activities

With the house well stocked, cleaned, and errands pushed back until you “come home” from your staycation, load up your free days with fun things to do.

Take day trips that will have you home again in the evenings and do all the things you just don’t have time to do during a regular work week.

Explore What Your City Has to Offer

Get the most out of your activity time by taking advantage of what your city and region has to offer tourists and vacationers.

Visit the attractions and sights you haven’t seen yet and get to know your area better.

Whether that means going to the beach, a theme park, or visiting museum exhibits or local monuments, go where the vacationers who visit your area go so it feels like a vacation to you, too!

Order In or Go Out

Another great way to feel like you’re actually on vacation while staying home is to step away from the kitchen and eat like you’re on vacation.

Go to a few of the local restaurants you haven’t tried yet; on days when you just want to come home after a day at the beach or pool and spend the evening watching a popular movie on your HDTV, order something in.

Staycation At Home And Keep Things Safe!

When you want a fun and relaxing way to spend your vacation time but feel compelled to stick close to home to mitigate risks like storm damage or burglary, homeowners insurance agencies recommend planning a fun staycation.

You can have just as much fun in your own backyard, sometimes even literally, as you would going elsewhere while saving money and keeping tabs on everything happening around your house.

In the event that something happens, you’ll be there to take care of it right away and maybe avoid that vaction homeowners insurance claim!

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