Home emergencies happen, as any homeowners insurance agency well knows.

Homeowners insurance protects your home and the items within it when things happen.

Your insurance be of little use if you don't have a current inventory of exactly what you own.

Avoid the common mistake that homeowners insurance services find many homeowners make and put together an inventory list of the belongings in your home.

Should you face some kind of home emergency, getting your possessions replaced will be much easier.

Why Is A Home Inventory Necessary?

An inventory of your personal household possessions is essential for a number of reasons.

Primarily, it allows you to document all the things you own so you can assess values to them.

This gives you a greater chance of recuperating their value in the event your items are damaged or destroyed.

In the broader sense, an inventory of your belongings allows you to discuss your actual needs with a homeowners insurance agency.

Then they can more accurately advise you about coverage types and amounts so you always carry sufficient homeowners insurance.

Creating and Maintaining A Home Inventory Is Easy

Putting together a home inventory to submit to your homeowners insurance services agency can be a bit time-consuming; however, it is easy to do in just a few steps:

  • Make the Process As Easy As Possible - You can make your inventorying process easy by using current technology. Photograph or video your items for easy identification or use an inventory app to record all details and photos. Apps also make it easy to update information. Make sure you understand how to use your app and the extent of the information it will record so you get the most use it from it and ensure you record the data you need.
  • Walk Through and Document - Go through your home one room at a time. Walk through the house and document all of your belongings on a room-by-room list. Include essential information such as what the item is, when and where it was purchased, purchase price, current condition, and any other important details. Document serial numbers and keep receipts of big-ticket items to help prove value. Don't forget items on your property but kept outside of your home. Lump clothing into categories by item type but note specific items of greater value. Provide as much proof of ownership and value as possible to your homeowners insurance agency should you need to file a claim after a loss.
  • Store Your Inventory List Safely - Regardless of how you create your inventory, you need to keep the information safe. A paper inventory should be kept in a safe deposit box away from your home. A digital inventory can be stored on a cloud storage server or backed up to external media and stored away off premises.
  • Get the Right Insurance Coverage - Once you have a comprehensive list of your belongings, discuss it with homeowners insurance services. Agents will explain coverage amounts and point out valuable items like jewelry, antiques, art, and other high-dollar belongings that require additional coverage to keep them protected.
  • Update Your Inventory List Frequently - A homeowners insurance home inventory list is only valuable to you if it's kept current. Do so by adding all new purchases to your documentation as you get them and remove items you no longer have. Keep new receipts as you go. Periodically discuss these additions with your insurance agency to make sure coverage is still sufficient.

In Summary

A comprehensive home inventory is important for protecting personal property and ensuring you have the right amount of homeowners insurance.

It is essential documentation that allows homeowners insurance services determine what you've lost in a home emergency and how much should be reimbursed for covered items.

Contact your homeowners insurance agency for more tips on creating a helpful home inventory!

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