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Like many homeowners, you may have a shed, detached garage, or other freestanding structure on your property that should be protected with homeowners insurance against damage or loss. Yet the policy you have with your homeowners insurance agency may or may not automatically cover all structures.

Coverage amounts and exclusions from homeowners insurance services may differ. To ensure you have appropriate coverage, make sure you discuss backyard structures with your agent.

Sheds, Garages, and Other Structures

Sheds, garages, decks, and pool houses are the most common types of detached home or backyard structures found on residential properties. These structures are usually covered under most homeowners insurance policies; however, it is important to check the coverage limitations because not all homeowners insurance services include the same coverage.

You should try to get an idea of what the cost of rebuilding these structures would be to determine whether your policy includes enough coverage to actually do so. If not, increasing the coverage limit on these structures would be worthwhile to provide you with the best protection.

Stored Personal Items

Another question to ask your agent with your local homeowners insurance agency is whether or not personal belongings stored inside the detached structures are covered. In most cases, the usual personal items stored in these structures are also covered under your homeowners insurance policy; again, there may be certain limitations.

Your policy may have a reimbursement limitation for these items. Some things, like marine or sporting equipment, certain machinery, or other high-value items may be excluded from the standard policy. You may need to either increase your personal property coverage limits, add a rider to your policy, or obtain separate coverage for such excluded items.  

Swimming Pools and Pool Fences

Backyard swimming pools are a slightly more complicated matter, as they require both physical and liability insurance coverage. To ensure that you are properly covered in both situations, discuss your policy with homeowners insurance services to determine the extent of the coverage included with your policy and whether you need a rider for additional protection.

Your insurance company may require that you have a fence around your pool for liability reasons, regardless of whether or not your local zoning laws require a fence. The fence surrounding your pool is usually covered under your homeowners policy as well; however, always confirm this to be sure.

If you do have a pool or plan on installing one, carefully consider the amount of liability coverage included in policy provided by your homeowners insurance agency and increase it if necessary. Pools present a greater liability risk, so having enough coverage to protect you in the event of an accident is essential.

As with most policies sold by homeowners insurance services, getting the right coverage for your home and property means discussing your needs with an agent at a local homeowners insurance agency. Be sure to let the agent know there are backyard structures and/or swimming pools present as well as document the personal belongings stored within these structures. This allows your agent to work be sure your homeowners insurance policy properly protects all of your property!

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