With the end of cold weather and as we return outdoors and welcome summer, it is important to ensure that all of us safely enjoy one of our favorite summer pastimes – outdoor grilling. Unfortunately, most people do not think about the dangers associated with grilling and often operate their grills recklessly, with little thought about the consequences of misuse or negligence. While many people are covered by homeowners insurance, no one wants to endure the trauma and loss that a grill fire can cause.

General Safety Tips

Following are some general grilling safety tips and warnings to keep everyone safe around the grill this summer:

  • Building Location – Make sure the grill is at least ten (10) feet away from buildings and any combustibles.

  • Trees & Vegetation – Be aware of tree limbs, brush or other vegetation that may be close to the grill and trim it back if possible.

  • Kids & Pets – Make the immediate area surrounding the grill is a “no kids or pets zone.”

  • Grill Cleaning – Regularly clean the grill to remove grease buildup.

  • Monitoring – Never leave the grill unattended.

Safety Tips – Propane Grills

The following tips are unique to propane grills:

  • Read Grill Manual – The procedural manual should always be read before using a propane grill to understand how to safely use the grill.

  • Check Tubing – Always check the propane gas tubing for leaks before use. This can be done by applying soap to the hose. If the hose bubbles when the gas is turned on, there is a leak!

  • Re-Lighting – If the flame goes out, shut the gas off and wait 15 minutes before re-lighting.

  • Open Lid When Lighting – Make sure the grill lid is open when turning on the gas and lighting the grill.

  • Gas Leak – If the odor of gas is apparent while cooking, immediately leave the grill area and call the fire department.

Accidents happen but most everyone wants to do all that they can to avoid property damage or personal injuries. With the proper homeowners insurance, you can be covered in the event of an accident. Homeowners insurance can help replace lost items and cover medical costs but it cannot undo the physical and emotional trauma that a grill fire may cause. At Jones & Associates Insurance, we want you to have a safe and relaxing summer, so make sure you safely operate your grill to ensure fun for all this summer!

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