It is finally starting to feel like fall in Texas. It is important to remember that cooler weather means potential problems, like frozen pipes. If you don’t have homeowners insurance in College Station, the holidays may not be quite so merry or bright. Simply because pipes are just outside a home does not mean they are safe. Water pipes in attics, crawl spaces, and outside walls are all susceptible to freezing. Following are some tips on how to best protect water lines from freezing this winter.

Heat Tape

Every home and plumping system is different, so it is important to prepare your home to meet its specific needs, including the most important need for homeowners insurance in Bryan. One way to protect pipes is with heat tape; if used properly, heat tape can prevent water lines from freezing. Keep in mind that heat tape is essentially an electrical wire and requires caution when installing. For more information on how to safely install heat tape on pipes, read this great article from Foremost Insurance Group.

Other Insulation Options

There are other options for insulating pipes, such as foil, fiberglass, or tubular sleeve insulation that allows may be easier to install. Once the insulation is in place, wrap it with duct tape to secure the insulation and seal any gaps. While every home needs homeowners insurance every season, in the winter it is especially comforting to know you are protected from the nightmare of frozen pipes.

Protecting Outside Faucets

Outdoor faucets that are exposed to the wintry weather are particularly vulnerable to freezing, which is another good reason to have the right homeowners insurance in Bryan. Be sure to purchase a cover from the local hardware store to protect the faucets. If cold weather catches you off guard as often happens in Texas, things around the house, such as a small towel, can always be used to wrap a faucet. As with the pipes, secure the towel around the faucet with duct tape.

Although you may not think your home location in Texas will have freezing temperatures this winter, don’t underestimate those wonderful ‘blue northers’ that blow in unexpectedly! Prepare for potentially polar weather with homeowners insurance in College Station, and the right insulation to wrap your pipes and faucets. This will allow you to focus on family time this holiday season.

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