From Everyone At Jones & Associates – Have A Very Merry Christmas!

As much as I love Christmas and cannot wait to decorate the house and watch Christmas movies, I am a little behind this year and just now put up my Christmas lights. Even though there are only two and a half weeks until Christmas, I was determined to light up our house and our yard with lights. While the lights bring great joy and give your home a cheerful glow, they can also be quite frustrating and dangerous to install if you aren’t careful. This is why homeowners insurance in College Station is so valuable should you injure yourself or cause a lot of damage to your home – and Christmas just have to disappear for a year!

While homeowners insurance in Bryan Texas is the most important defense against damage to your home, here are some other safety measures to remember when installing and removing your Christmas lights to prevent injury and damage to both yourself and your home.

Only You Can Prevent Christmas Light Fires!

Unlike wine, Christmas lights do not get better with age; so it is important to check your lights for more than just seeing that the bulbs work. While your homeowners insurance in College Station will provide coverage for mishaps on your property, it is still important to check your strands of lights for frayed or damaged cords and discard any damaged strands to prevent an accident.

Don’t Forget The Extension Cords!

In addition to the wires on Christmas lights, it is equally important to check extension cords for damaged areas and only use outdoor-approved extension cords and timers. These are also a potential hazard for someone to trip over on your property. Homeowners insurance in Bryan TX offers medical coverage for guests on your property, it is certainly not a situation you want to find yourself in this Christmas.

In an effort to prevent anyone from tripping over your Christmas light cords, try to run them along the lines of your flower beds, sidewalks, or other areas where they are flush with a nearby surface or where people won’t cross. If you really want to prevent an injury claim against your homeowners insurance in College Station, you could even tape down the extension cords or bury them under other yard ornaments.

Please – No Ladder Mishaps!

Ladder safety is another area to be mindful of when putting out your Christmas lights. Ladders can be shaky and unpredictable, so it is always vital that you have someone holding the ladder while you are using it.

In addition to protecting your home with homeowners insurance in Bryan, be sure to protect your home from ladder incidents by securing the ladder both on the ground and against the house.

To keep your home jolly and bright this Christmas, be sure to protect your home with homeowners insurance in College Station and follow these tips for safe light installation. If you already have homeowners insurance in Bryan but aren’t sure that you have the right coverage or want to compare your current rate with a new quote, call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates to help you obtain the best coverage for your home.

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