When a home is equipped with gas appliances, it is important for the residents to know about natural gas safety. Without such basic knowledge, no amount of homeowners insurance in College Station Texas will protect them from the dangers of a gas leak. Following are some important things to know about natural gas safety and what should be done if the odor of gas is detected in a home.

How Can I Identify A Gas Leak?

Recognizing a gas leak is the first thing anyone needs to know to be safe at home as well as to avoid a potential claim with any type of homeowners insurance in College Station Texas. The best way to identify a gas leak is to smell, listen, and look:

  • Smell for the distinctive odor that makes gas detectable.

  • Listen for a hissing or whistling noise near gas appliances or a pipeline.

  • Look for signs of a gas pipeline leak near a dense fog, bubbling creek, or dead vegetation.

What Should I Do If I Find A Gas Leak?

If you identify a a natural gas leak – leave the area immediately! Do not turn any electrical switches on or off as this could cause a spark, igniting the gas. Do not use a cell phone, telephone, flashlight, nearby machinery, or even a nearby vehicle as these also pose a threat if they are close to a gas leak. In addition, do not attempt to shut off a natural gas valve. The peace of mind and protection a homeowners insurance agency in College Station Texas offers can only go so far, so always practice natural gas safety at home.

Where Is The Natural Gas Pipeline Located?

In addition to safety regarding a natural gas leak, it is also important to be aware of the location of any pipeline near a residence to avoid inadvertently disturbing it and possibly causing a natural gas leak. Yellow flag-type markers typically identify the location of natural gas lines; however, instead of relying on the yellow markers, call 811 at least two working days before any digging is scheduled to be certain of the location of a pipeline. Even a small backyard project could turn disastrous if a natural gas pipeline is hit.

Whether it’s mistakenly leaving the burner on a stove or a more major gas leak, natural gas is quite lethal. Not only is it obviously flammable, it is also deadly if it displaces the oxygen in the immediate location. Do not take natural gas safety lightly. Just as important as it is to protect your home and your family through a homeowners insurance policy in College Station TX, it is equally important to protect your family by learning how to be safe around natural gas.

In addition to natural gas safety, protect your home and loved ones with the help of a homeowners insurance policy in College Station TX. Call the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates and find out how our family can protect your family with homeowners insurance in College Station TX.

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