Lately, it seems as if everyone is moving. Friends, family, and neighbors are all packing up and heading to their next home. While they have probably done a lot of homework regarding new houses and all the specifics and features, have they thought about how these things may affect the cost of homeowners insurance in College Station Texas? Consider the following factors that may not come to mind when buying a house yet could greatly affect the cost of homeowners insurance.

Credit Score

The most obvious factor that impacts the cost of College Station Texas homeowners insurance is your credit score. This piece of data affects many things, particularly when buying a home; it can also have an influence on the monthly premium to insure that new home. You do have some control over your credit score, even if your score is not good. It may take some time to change it; however, it can be done. The good news is that credit scores as it affects the cost of insurance does not just have a negative impact; a high credit score can decrease the monthly home insurance premium.

Fire Hydrants and Stations

Another factor that affects the price of College Station homeowners insurance is proximity to a fire hydrant and local fire station. This is something a new homeowner may not think of and yet it makes perfect sense. It is certainly preferable to have a home close to such resources in the event of a fire as protection for both the family and the property. Obviously, this element cannot be changed once a home has been purchased, so it is certainly something to keep in mind when in the market for a new home.


The age and condition of the roof is very important and has a big effect on homeowners insurance. If the home has been kept in good condition, chances are that the roof has been updated as well. Be sure to find out the actual age of the roof before entering into a contract. This is one home-buying feature that can be controlled and eliminate the need to put on a new roof right after purchase; the seller should handle that improvement. A new roof typically yields a lower premium to insure the home.

The factors listed above may be obvious concerns when purchasing a home; however, not understanding the effect they have on homeowners insurance could be costly. Luckily, the insurance professionals at Jones & Associates know the importance of these elements and can help you find the right homeowners insurance. Contact the team at the family owned and operated insurance group of Jones & Associates and let us help save you money when insuring your Bryan or College Station Texas home!

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