As it starts to warm up and the weather becomes much more pleasant, people are flocking to spend more time outdoors. This time of year coupled with the lovely weather means pool parties, cookouts, and outdoor play-dates. Whether you’re putting in a new pool or reassessing coverage on your existing pool, the experts at Jones & Associates Insurance can make sure your Homeowners Insurance in College Station Texas includes coverage for potential recreational liability on your property.

Risk Factors

Whether it’s a pool or a hot tub, any body of water on your property is a potential liability and should be included on your Homeowners Insurance in Bryan TX. There are a number of factors regarding a pool or hot tub that can affect the cost of coverage on a Homeowners Insurance Policy in College Station TX.

  • Access – The first and probably biggest factor is whether or not pool access is restricted. A fence around the pool itself or the entire yard where the pool is can help keep the premium rate down as well as creating restricted access to small children or unwanted visitors. Unfortunately, you are liable for any injury or death caused in or by your pool, even if it is with an unwanted guest who has not been invited onto your property. A fence can help prevent those unwanted entry to the pool area.
  • Installed Accessories – Another risk factor is whether or not the pool has a diving board or a slide. As much fun as these can be in a pool, they can encourage misuse and in turn lead to serious injury. Even if used properly, someone could slip on a diving board or a slide and be injured, leaving the homeowner liable for the cost of such an injury. A pool can still be a lot of fun without a diving board or slide and removing these potential danger zones can decrease the cost of covering a pool with Homeowners Insurance in Bryan Texas.
  • Location – The last risk factor that could affect the cost of coverage on a pool is location, whether or not it is visible from the street and above ground or in-ground. A pool’s visibility from the street affects coverage in a few ways: it can tempt or lure unwanted visitors; if visible from the street, it may not have a fence around it; and if the pool is above ground, it would be more difficult for toddlers and young children to wander into the pool which lowers the drowning risk.

Whether your home already includes a swimming pool or you are thinking of adding one to your property, consider the above mentioned risk factors to keep you and your loved ones safe and to get affordable coverage on College Station Homeowners Insurance.

The insurance professionals at Jones & Associates Insurance can help you make the right choices to have a pool affordably covered under a Bryan Homeowners Insurance policy. Kick off the upcoming summer season by being sure your pool is covered on your Homeowners Insurance in College Station – and have fun this summer!

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