It’s that time of the year when you see all of your neighbors out in their yard, planting and pruning to perfection. While most of us dread this time of year, it is inevitable that we must endure some yard work unless we want a dirt patch for a yard. Here are a few guidelines for the plants that will grow best in the area around your home this spring with a minimal amount of effort.


If your yard is looking a little bare and could use some grass to make for a more lush landscape around the house, here are a few grasses that grow well for homeowners in Texas. For the best all-around grass that requires a low amount of water and fertilizer and can tolerate yard traffic, fill your yard with Buffalo grass. Another resilient grass for your yard is Zoysia japonica. This grass requires a little more water than Buffalo grass but it can tolerate high yard traffic and doesn’t require a great deal of fertilizer.


For those of you looking for some aesthetically pleasing plants, here are some plants that will grow well in your Texas yard. If you are looking for a Texas native plant that is easy to grow and drought-tolerant, look no further than the Salvia farinacea ‘Henry Duelberg.’ This tall beauty attracts butterflies and hummingbirds but does not attract deer for those of you in the Hill Country who have to worry about the wildlife eating your home’s landscape. Another deer deterrent plant that does well in the Texas heat is the Cape plumbago. This flower will also attract butterflies and will flower from May until the freezing weather hits.


Last but not least, for the overzealous gardener looking to plant some vegetables near your house this Spring, here are some vegetables that are ready to be planted in your backyard garden during the next month. Most vegetables need to have already been planted; however, cantaloupes are one of the exceptions. This melon along with watermelons can be planted until the 1st of May. Tomatoes and squash can also wait later into the season with a planting deadline of the 10th of May. Our really late bloomers include spinach, which can wait until June 1st to be planted, and pumpkins, which don’t need planting until the 15th of June.

As stressful as yard work may seem to a homeowner, it can be tolerable with a little preparation and the reward of a beautiful yard. The good news is that we have gotten quite a bit of rain lately which is great for those of you who have already worked in the yard. For those of us who are procrastinating, it can be frustrating to try to plan around the weather. Give your home some curbside appeal with a lush landscape and give it better protection with homeowners insurance in Texas. Call your friends at Jones & Associates Insurance to make sure your home is well protected!

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