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Are you prepared for a tornado? Tornadoes do happen in Texas and your homeowners insurance agency knows how important it is that you protect yourself and your property in advance - just in case. In addition to having the right homeowners insurance, consider the following important tornado tips to stay safe and minimize damage,

When and Where Do Tornadoes Happen?

Nearly 1,200 tornadoes happen in the U.S. every year. Most of these are minor and do minimal damage that your homeowners insurance company will cover; however, some can be severe and cause extensive damage to houses, buildings, and other property.

Tornadoes can occur at any time and anywhere in the country; the height of the seasons vary in different areas. In the Gulf, the main time these storms occur is during the spring, while further north in the Midwest and northern plains there is more activity in June and July. Based on this knowledge, your homeowners insurance agency stresses the importance of preparedness, especially when tornadoes are more likely to happen.

Preparing Your Home for Tornadoes

Although it is impossible to protect against the most damaging tornadic winds, there are things you can do to reduce damage and homeowners insurance claims that accompany smaller tornadoes, such as the following:

  • Reinforce Your Home - Make your house stronger against high winds by hiring a professional contractor to secure your chimney, reinforce masonry, and if you have a mobile home, secure it to a masonry foundation. Your homeowners insurance company may also have suggestions for strengthening your specific house based on local tornado risk.
  • Build A Storm Shelter - Besides reinforcing your house to protect it and all your belongings, plan for your own safety as well. Build a reinforced storm shelter or safe room within the house where people can go in the event of tornadoes or other extreme weather. Talk to your homeowners insurance agency about adding this to your home and get recommendations of qualified contractors who can perform the work for you.

Staying Safe During Tornadoes

A strong house and storm shelter are your best protection should tornadic winds blow nearby. Taking cover in reinforced areas or underground basements provide you with the best chance of escaping harm. Avoid being near windows since the glass may break. Use heavy objects like tables, furnishings, or mattresses to protect against flying debris.

Sporting helmets are also useful for reducing injury while trying to take cover. Since all of this takes some planning, homeowners insurance agents suggest creating an emergency plan and then practicing tornado drills so everyone knows what to do should the real thing happen.

If you are out of the house when a tornado approaches, you will want to take cover in other ways. If you are traveling by car, the best thing to do is find a sturdy building to shelter in. Beyond that, hide in a ditch if you can find one and avoid taking shelter under bridges or overpasses. Many people falsely think these are safe places, but the winds can be stronger there, blowing in dangerous debris.

If you are under a tornado warning and the threat of a tornado in your immediate area is high, your Texas homeowners insurance agency recommends that you either stay home or head to a storm shelter. You will have likely done all you can to reinforce your home and reduce the chance that you or your family will be injured.

Nobody likes to think about their house and belongings being damaged in a storm. It is helpful to know that your homeowners insurance company is there to help with this should the worst occur. Staying safe should always be your main priority!

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