It is officially March and the beginning of spring cleaning season, which means many of us will be bringing out the cleaning supplies, going through our closets, and ridding our homes of excess clutter that takes up space. Although this yearly task may not seem dangerous, according to homeowners insurance agencies there is still a need to exercise caution when it comes to spring cleaning. Following are some tips to make your spring cleaning fast and safe.

Read Directions

Something we learn at a very early age is to read directions. Whether it is your homeowners insurance policy or the back of disinfectant cleaning solutions, it is important to read the fine print and understand the information provided, as most cleaning supplies require a bit more attention to detail than many assume. For example, most of us typically spray the disinfectant on the area we wish to clean and immediately wipe up the solution. Yet the most effective way to disinfect is to let the solution set for ten seconds before wiping up any excess.

Ladder Safety

One item often used during spring cleaning is a ladder. There are many dangerous situations that could arise when using a ladder. Just because you are being careful does not mean you should be in this precarious situation alone. Always make sure you have someone spotting you while on a ladder. Just like best homeowners insurance will protect you from losses, having a person nearby to help in the event you have an unfortunate fall while spring cleaning is also important.

Review Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

While in spring cleaning mode, this may be a good time to talk to a homeowners insurance firm about updating your homeowners policy. So often we set up an insurance policy for our homes and don’t think anymore about it until making a claim. In reality, these policies should be addressed with an experienced homeowners insurance firm on a regular basis to ensure proper coverage. A home may have been repaired or updated, or new items acquired, that the homeowners insurance agency needs to add onto your current coverage, so it is important to revisit your policy regularly to make sure these things have been included.

This year, don’t just spring clean your home; take your spring cleaning all the way to the best homeowners insurance company to be sure you have the appropriate coverage. A good homeowners insurance agency is your first line of defense against a loss, so don’t let your policy grow stagnant. Call Jones & Associates Insurance today to ensure your home is protected and your homeowners insurance policy is up to date!

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